Going Google

Volume 2 - Issue 13

Add-Ons for Google Drive

Add-ons is a new feature in Google Docs and Google Sheets that will provide advanced functionality. This is in addition to the Chrome Web Store, and the ability to add apps to your Google Drive.

In the menu bar of your document look for "Add-ons." Select Get Add-ons, and browse for the one of your choice. You will be asked to give this app permission to your account before it will be activated. See the video below for an overview of this new feature.

Add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets

RealTime Board

RealTime Board is a Google Drive extension. It provides a blank grid in which you can post pictures, create diagrams, and upload files of various formats. It is a great tool to use for collaborative brainstorming online. You can access RealTime Board in the chrome store and add the app.

Once you’ve added it, you can access it in drive by clicking on “create” and then select RealTime Board. You can share this with other Google users through the Invite Button.

To get started, click on + Create Board and choose a canvas to begin with and start exploring!

What is RealtimeBoard? -- The official intro video

Recomended Apps and Extensions for Chrome

Recommended Apps and Extensions for Chrome

Here are a few of the Instructional Technology Specialist favorite Apps and Extensions. The can all be found in the Google Chrome Store. Click on each one to find out more about it.

For more information about Google or RRISD Instructional Technology see: