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Dogs who triumphed

Underdogs? Who are they?

You can't do it, because you are too small. You are too stupid to understand it. Don't let them in the game they are too slow. Underdogs, they are people who strive and come over obstacles despite what others think. Characteristics of an underdog can be anything. They can be too short or too tall. They can be too smart or too dumb. They can be too simple or too complicated, but what connects them all is the name "underdog". Being an underdog can be hard. For instance they might be called names and others will not have the trust towards them. when underdogs win, it is twice the celebration than it would have if an expected person wins. This is shown in stories and even real life.

Underdogs in real life

Underdogs are everywhere. You can see and hear about underdogs every day. “It has been 67 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball and 40 years since Hank Aaron blasted his 715th home run to break the career record long held by Babe Ruth.” This is a statement from “Aljazeera America” It was the 1940s. In the Usa Americans thought if you had dark skin you were petty. It was hard for African American to get anywhere or play anything, but that changed because of one brave underdog, Jackie Robinson. In 1947 the Brooklyn Dodgers got the first dark skinned baseball player. At that time it was not common that there were teams with dark skinned players. In 1947, both Robinson in the National League and Larry Doby with the American League's Cleveland Indians came into games for their teams and they were the only two dark skinned players in baseball. Whereas by the late 1950s, the percentage of blacks on Major League teams matched or exceeded that of the general population. Some good characteristics that helped Jackie Robinson in the league were his mindset about never yielding, confident, determined and hardworking. The crowd and even some of his own team mates discouraged him, called him names, and even abused and threatened him only because of his skin color. On the other hand if he would have played baseball now he would have been accepted and cheered on for playing. Yet the rules of the game itself hasn’t changed between 1940 and 2015 even when the diversity of the players have.

Underdogs in stories and tales

In tales and stories usually the underdog wins. One of the stories that proves this is the tortoise and the hare. This tale takes place in a beautiful forest where lives most importantly the tortoise and the hare. One day the hare that consisted of a lot of conviction choose to challenge the tortoise to a running race, and the one who triumphed would get eternal glory. They started the race, and the tortoise as the underdog, started running slowly but surely. The hare with his long and strong legs hopped long jumps and soon was so much ahead of the tortoise the he decided to have a small nap. As the result of sleeping during the race the cause was that soon enough the tortoise ran past him and won the race. In this story the tortoise was judged as the underdog This story tells an important message, the answer to winning is not only physical appearance it is also mental. There are a lot of other stories like this where the underdog finds a way and wins, even when others think that it is impossible. As the saying says “slow and steady wins the race”.

Another story that tells about underdogs is “The Fox and The Crow”. In this story the fox is the underdog. He has an ambition to get the cheese from the bird. The problem is that the bird is in the tree and the fox can’t reach the bird. Since the bird was not noble, it didn’t want to share the cheese with the fox and she wants to keep it to herself. Therefore, the fox got angry and came up with a solution. He said to the bird “ Don’t you look just wonderful today little bird. Your feathers are so beautiful and shiny. Since you are the best singer in the forest, I bet you could sing me a little, except if you are too shy.” At that moment the bird opened her mouth and started singing, but because the cheese was in her mouth it dropped and fell straight in the fox's mouth. When the bird noticed that she had failed to keep the cheese all by herself, she didn’t have any resilience and she let the fox keep the cheese. In this tale the Dilemma was that the fox wanted the cheese, because the bird was in the tree the cheese was too high for him to reach. That is why the fox was the underdog. He didn’t have wings to get the cheese from the bird. Since the fox was very intelligent he got what he wanted.
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Sing Along Songs)

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

This song is a well known song from Walt Disney. In this story the pigs are underdogs, because they are small, and some of them are not too smart. So when the little brothers build their houses out of hay and sticks the bigger brother works hard and builds his house out of bricks. When the big bad wolf comes to blow the little pigs' hoses the bigger brother's house stays up. The pigs were small and too weak to fight that is why they were underdogs.

Now that you know...

Do you think you are an underdog? Do you think you are inadequate? Now that you have read this article you can see that no one is petty every one can have resolve and when you do you can achieve the impossible. So venture into the unknown and find your talent. Start as an underdog but end up as a winner, because if these creatures could do it so can you. Just remember to persevere and never adhere to only one thing. Explore your opportunities, because if you act idle you wont get any where. So stand up and think you can do it! (Even batman gave you a thumbs up.)
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