Tragic Hero

Most wanted for:

Killing Julius Caesar because of his love for Rome

About Brutus:

Brutus never wanted to kill Caesar as an act of revenge or tyranny. He was fooled by Cassius, who said that Julius Caesar didn't care for Rome and would put everyone to work as slaves. Then Brutus decided to fight for Rome because of the affection he had towards it. This is when he killed Caesar with the other conspirators and lead to the battle with Antony and Octavious. Later, he kills himself by running into a sword and is known as an honorable man.

Archetype: Tragic Hero

Brutus is a tragic hero because he never intended to kill Caesar because he was jealous or against him. He wanted to do what was right for Rome because his love for it was stronger than Caesar's friendship. He had faith and courage to accept the outcomes of his actions, he represented a patriot.

Brutus ACT 3 SCENE 2:

Brutus ACT 4 SCENE 3:

Brutus ACT 4 SCENE 5:


Togas were used by men in the Roman times. Their togas differed from their social classes which meant there was many different kinds.

Back in Ancient Rome they were worth about 80 denarii

Roman Silver Denarius

These coins were during the time period of 44 BC. This was what was exchanged and what appeared to be their money.

Back in Ancient Rome they were worth about 16 assess.