Dixon Hestetune


Bull riders like the rush they get from riding bulls. According to Terry Don West "for 2500 i was thinking no matter what hang on. i wanted to come back and start winning money off the bat"(21). Bull riders are the most strongest men alive; they live for the pain (West31). when bull riders get hurt, they don't care about what need to do with it just want to know when an if they can get back on. the leg mussels are in portent so are your arms and your balents. the balints is really in portent when you have a two thousand pound bull baling in the air an turning back, you need to match your moves with him. known as take one jump at a time. if you are ahead of the bull by 1 or 2 jumps its hard to get him to ketch up. just for 8 seconds it a long time for a bull rider. for riding for 1 million dollars it can be a life time.

Danger of Riding Bulls

According to J.B Mauney "bull riding is a dangerous and you can die doing it" (usaToday2) Gary Minoces states in USA Today Mauney " but the way i look at it, shoot you can get hurt doing about anything, walking down the steps, driving down the road. yeah its more apt to happen in what we do, nut i was raised to rodeo(3). In the world of bull riding, Its not about how bad you get hurt but when. There are so meany ways of getting hurt. the safest place to be is out in the arena with the bull, not in the chute. The chute is where you can brake a lag and arm and get flipped over on. Out in the arena, you can get hurt too, like get stepped on, get hung up, pulled over the front. in the arena, you can get away easier, but in the chute you're in a 3' by 8' box an down on a bull. its not easy to get away when hes thrashing around.

Rodeo Clowns

Rodeo clowns are not just funny people like at fairs they are the most in portent people in the rodeo. They protect the bull rider when they get off the bull. Bullfighters put there lifes on the line every time the bull riding starts they don't got to face fair one time like bull riders. They have to save all of them the only brake they get is when they are getting ready to buck the next bull. According to the PBF " Bullfighters analyze not only every more the bull makes but the rider too by doing so many times the bullfighters can prevent the wreck before it happens spotting little things that course the bull rider to be bucked off and possibly hooked" (9) Bullfighters are soposto take shots for the bull rider if the bull is close (step in between the bull rider and the bull). Bullfighters are the garden angels according to mauney (23)


the contractors for bull riding bring the bulls. they want to bring some of there best bulls an some of there OK bulls to buck. They brink the rank ones for the bull team (competition between bulls) and for bull of the year (world title). The contractors like them riding there bulls so they can get payed well they get payed no matter what. According to Rebano Ranch Bucking Bulls "the long round bulls get paid $250 and the short round bulls get payed $500 even more and they will pay a bonus for the top bull of the event and even if the rider scores 90 plus points on the bull" (2) That is at the small bull riding's at bigger ones ' the long round bulls get payed $400 per out and the short round bulls get $1200 per out' (Diamon E Bucking Bulls). Each contractor has there bulls like kids to them they take care of them well an they get treated better then the bull riders most times an most times they get fed three times a day an get worked out. Contractors are conically working on getting there younger bulls to be the top notch bulls an keep there older bulls that are going down the road in shape an toon in. Contractors have a races for a title like bull riders Contractors compete with there bulls on who has the best bulls around. they can have as meany bulls as they want on there team.

Bucking Bulls

Bucking bulls are not just animals to the rodeo life. They are athletes and they are more taken care for then the bull riders. According to Brent Vincent "High Tide, hes a rank bull" (USAToday 5) Eric Slater states rank means wild, nasty, hard to hang on to. A rank bull is precisely what every bull rider wants to draw when he competes in (6). All the good bulls are in the PBR, CBR, and NFR get payed to buck. They get payed more if the guy rides then bucked off. The bulls get payed no matter what unlike the bull riders they have to ride to get payed. Most of the contractors want the rider to ride there bulls. most of the bucking bulls are nice but in the arena that's there job that's a place not to mess around. like the 2013 bucking bull of the year (bushwaker) scores mostly 40's they are scored by how hard they buck. Bulls have there own moves like a football player. "some bulls like coming out of the left hand chute and others like the right hand chute" (USAtoday16). The bulls that are composition bulls are some high caliber bulls that buck hard an wont quit just keep bringing the power the bulls love there job.