20 Things that happened in 2002

Arianna GIlliam

20 things

1.Nickelback's How You Remind Me was the most popular song

2.Lilo and Stitch came out

3. Gas costed $1.01

4. Pink was the most popular artist

5. MP3 player was out

6.Denim was the most popular fashion trend

7.George W. Bush was the president

8.There was the Operation Enduring Freedom in 2002

9. Highlights in the hair were popular then

10.The winter olympics were held in salt lake city utah

11.the most popular movie was lord of the rings: The two towers

12.The euro becomes the official currency of twelve of the european union

13.Queen elizabeth the queen mother of the uk dies

14.China Airlines flight 611 disintegrates near Penghu Islands at the taiwan strait killing all 225 people on board

15.Switzerland joins the united nations as the 190th state after rejecting in 1986

16.Brazil won their 5th world cup defeating Germany 2-0

17. Terrorist bomb in bali kills hundreds

18.East Timor becomes a nation

19.Iran bans advertising of united states products

20.Steve Fossett becomes the person to fly solo around the world nonstop in a balloon

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