By: Sidney and Drew

The Risks of Skydiving and Rewards from Skydiving

Skydiving is very dangerous. You can die from lots of different things like: falling to your death, parachute won't deploy, or from landing on cement. A 16 yr. old girl goes plummeting a kilometer in a skydiving accident and survives with very serious injuries. Skydiving can also be very fun and exciting for you. After you skydive you will be able to say you have lived to the fullest. Most people won't dare to skydive at any point in their life.


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Is Skydiving worth it?

I think it is not worth skydiving because you can die. I also think it is not worth it because you can have permanent injuries to your own body." A 16 year old girl falls about a kilometer from a skydiving accident and is recovering.""A Tampa man dies in a skydiving accident from him landing hard in a pond at a high rate of speed."