Tennessee Valley Authority

By: Annie & Madi


TVA was established by congress in 1933.President Roosevelt signed the act May 18th. In 1959, TVA slowed down although it never faded completely away. The TVA is still active today. The program was directly started to help out the Tennessee valley civilians during The Great Depression. They helped out with Resource Management and Flood Control.


Tennessee Valley Authority-TVA

Relief and Reform

The TVA was a relief for the people, they took care of resource managing. They were a reform because they made things better and made a difference by having management throughout resource problems.

What were they supposed to do?

The TVA were resource managers. They help with power production, navigation, flood control, and helped make dams. TVA didn't go into all these things right away, they weighed each issue before.

Who did it help?

The TVA was supposed to help the civilians of the Tennessee Valley area. When they were in the depression this all started.

Who it didn't help?

It didn't help anyone outside of the Tennessee Valley. It didn't help you if you lived away from the valley.

How successful was it?

The TVA was very successful, they have made it from 1933 to today. Since 2010, the TVA and local power companies have reduced electricity consumption by 765 gigawatts. Which is the equivalent energy to power 50,000 area households for an entire year.

Who is now the leader of the program?

The leader of TVA is Bill Johnson. Bill is President and Chief Executive Officer. He was appoint the board of directors in November of 2012. Before he became President of TVA, he was was President and CEO of Energy Inc. in Raleigh N.C.