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January, 2016

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Improving your K12 Experience - Compliance Corner

We Passed Audit Again!

Back to back years with no significant deficiencies – that’s how we roll….

Go ahead, K12 co-worker! Pat yourself on the back. Bask in your success. Soak it all in. Kudos to you, and you and you! Confetti all around…

We often get buried so deep in our work that we forget to congratulate each other and ourselves on the accomplishments. Over the past five years, K12 has gone from back-to-back Material Weakness findings (the worst possible kind) to having not a single Significant Deficiency in our recent audits. Every employee and contractor played a role to get us there, by doing the right thing; changing passwords when they needed to be changed, expiring or disabling accounts on time, following the right Change Management policies, etc.

Enjoy the successes, but we cannot rest on our laurels. Yesterday’s successes belong to yesterday. Today there are new challenges. We have to start growing. Passing the audit test is just the baseline. We now have to start thinking, “Are we just trying to get through an audit or are we really protecting the things that matter to us? Do we have the right protections in place for our students, our co-workers, our company…?”

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