Mrs. Shahnavaz's Kindergarten

April 15 - 19

What We're Learning...

Reading: Using our "Reading Toolbox." We are learning that good readers use different stragegies to make meaning from text, such as using star words, getting our mouths ready, picture clues, pointing to words when we read, looking for chunks, and paying attention to the letters in each word.

Phonics/Word Study: -ing chunks (as an ending for verbs and the word family), silent e words, nouns and verbs.

Writing: Using dialog in our writing

Math: Last week we started our unit on decomposing numbers, which is the different ways to make a number. (Examples: 1+ 3=4, 2+2=4, 3+1=4) Today we learned about the different ways to make 10. That will also be our focus during the next two weeks.

Science: Last week we finished our study of forces with exploration of magnets. This week we will learn about the day and night sky, and next week we will learn about the Earth's resources.

Important Info!!

Today your child should have brought home 2 white forms today. One was an intent to return form from the school, and the other is a permission/info slip about our Kindergarten Field Day. Please review these and sign and return them ASAP!