Assignment 1 Attributes & Barriers

Personal Attributes

Specific skills

These are skills that employers are looking for with their employees and some that are preference and not needed.

Technical knowledge - These are a massive preference when an employer is looking for an employee because they don't need to train the person because they might already know it all.

Health and safety - Of course this is massively looked for as well people who know all the health and safety rules and people the employer will look for is people he/she thinks won't break them.

Working attitudes - Employers will look for people with good working attitudes and what working attitudes are is basically how someone works and how the person looks towards working.

General attributes

This is all the general attributes so basically meaning all the skills involved inside of business.

Planning skills, Organisational skills and Time management - These are self explanatory basically these are skills at planning your employers would love these if you have them because you know how to manage time and productivity and able to organise your time.

Team working - These are basically skills to work as a team like if your assigned into a team you will be able to work well with the team your given.

Verbal skills and Written communication skills - These skills are when you can communicate well in every shape or form basically meaning if your asked to speak in front of everyone you will be able to do this without any worries and be able to use a written form of communication.

Numeracy and creativity - These are skills where you are good with number calculations and being able to come up with ideas.


This is the attitudes towards work and how you act while at work. Such as determined, independent, integrity, tolerance, dependable, problem solving, leadership, confidence and motivation. What these are is attitudes towards working how you act at work and how you work.

Principles to Effective Communication - P2

General communication skills

These are just general communication issues and barriers that can happen in the business environment.

Cultural Differences - You might feel out of place because all the people around you are from different cultures. Be comfortable with what culture you are then if people around you are from different cultures this will not affect you as much.

Adapting your voice - Basically this is where your not good at talking or communicating to other people well. You could prevent this by looking into a mirror and practicing speaking or it could also be that people can't understand you with your accent.

Terminology - When communicating terminology can be massive because if you have the right terminology people will know that you know what you are talking about and look at you for the job or for that promotion.

Use of technology - The use of technology is huge because if you use technology for going on inappropriate sites this can massively effect your internet footprint but if you only use technology for the way it is supposed to be used then you have a clean internet footprint.

Interpersonal skills

These are skills what you use everyday to communicate with people everyday.

Verbal exchanges - This is basically verbally talking to someone and exchanging words between each other. If you are not very good at this you will not be able to get yourself a job.

Signing - Is basically signing contracts or signing release forms and stuff like that, if you don't know how to sign contracts and release forms you will not be able to do this.

Lip reading - Lip reading could be a useful skill when needed to be used such as if someone is trying to tell you do something through a window and you cannot hear them lip reading will make it so you can understand the person.

Body language - Most of the time you can tell how people feel in their environment and this can cause massive barriers because if you don't know how to portray your body language then people will always will think your uncomfortable and will not be able to sell anything.

Use of information - If you can use information well this could benefit your business massively but if not you will be useless at your job.

Positive/Negative language - Positive language can really help you when in a business environment because, then people think they can come to you for help and influence many people if you are doing some sort of speech. Were as negative can make everyone think you have no idea what you are doing therefore your boss might think the same and give everyone around you a negative effect.

Active engagement - If you actively engage then you will be to get in while doing business meetings people will think your the right person for a promotion.

Communicate in writing

This is how you communicate through writing like emails, faxes and stuff like that it is basically using your writing skills to communicate with other people.

Emotions - This is where people communicate through their emotions like if someone has been through something big you understand how they feel you can connect to them through their feelings.

Letters - You can communicate through letters by using like some sort of convincing or emotional words.

Fax - This is basically the same as letters you write to someone and communicate with them through that way only it is sent straight through a machine.

Emails - Emails is the online version of a letter it allows you to communicate with people around the world.

Spelling and grammar - You always need to make sure when you write and type make sure that the writing is using proper spelling and grammar.

Relevance - When you talk you don't go off topic you stay on topic that's what it means when you are talking relevantly.

Proofreading - Proofreading is essential after writing some sort of document because you need to make sure that you have not done any mistakes.

Note taking - Whenever you are in a meeting you need to make sure that your taking notes so that you know what is going on within that meeting.

Barriers to effective communication P3

Background noise - This can be a serious impact to effective communication because if you are trying to talk about important stuff and you cannot hear each other because of background noise then this can have a massive impact because you will not be able to communicate effectively.

Distractions - These can be massive barrier to effective communication because if you are distracted at work in a meeting and you are distracted you will not be able to focus and will not be able to talk to anybody about the new project because you where distracted.

Physical barriers - There is many barriers to communication when it comes do physical barriers say if someone is using a gesture and you have no idea what that means it can be massive because you will need to know, and you might not be able to understand body language meaning this could lead to less effective communication.

Location - What makes location a barrier to communication is say if you live in another country to someone and they speak a different language then this can be a massive barrier to communication because if you can't really understand people at your work because they have bad accents or don't speak much of your language you will not be able to work there.

Lack of concentration - This is a huge barrier to effective communication because if you lose concentration at work then you will not be able to the work set for you and you can't talk to anyone because of this which leads to making many people less effective to communication.