Trojan Tidbits

A Monthly Newsletter from the NCSD District Office

Welcome Back

It's hard to believe that we're starting our third month of school already. It has been great to have the kids and staff back in the school building for in person instruction. My primary goal continues to be to keep our staff and students in school for in person teaching and learning, in as safe and healthy an environment as possible. While many of us may disagree on masking, vaccines, and quarantines, I believe one thing most of us can agree on is our children learn best by being here in person with our amazing staff.

I'm excited for the many changes happening in the district this year. We have a large group of new staff in the district. With that comes many new and exciting ideas and energy into the district. Our new staff are assimilating well to the district, and have made such a positive impact on our district in the short time they have been here. I'm also excited for many of the curriculum and instruction changes in the district. Our elementary and middle school have adopted a new English-Language Arts curriculum. We have hired additional staff to assist in closing achievement gaps in reading and math. We know the disruption to in person learning from COVID has caused learning gaps with many of our students, particularly our younger students. We are working hard to identify those students, and providing instructional interventions and supports to help close those gaps.

I'm honored to continue the important work of serving the great people of the North Crawford School District, and look forward to a great school year. Please do not hesitate to drop me an email, phone call, or stop in the office if you ever have questions or concerns regarding the district.

It's a great day to be a Trojan!!

~Brandon Munson, Superintendent

COVID-19 Protocols and Updates

The district continues to follow the COVID protocols that were approved by the North Crawford school board at our August meeting. We have made a few minor adjustments to our protocols overall, but by and large continue to follow the original plan approved.

The district continues to follow a mask mandate, which is dictated by our district metrics of 2 or more positive cases in the school building within a 7 day time period. We will continue in our mask mandate until we either fall below the district metrics, or until the school board revisits our metrics and makes changes.

The link below will take you to our district's COVID tracker.

District Budget

On Monday, October 18th, the school district approved our 2021-22 district budget. This year's budget proved to be very difficult for the fact that we received very little new revenue from the state, and our operational expenses continue to increase. We were able to plug some holes in our budget with the federal Covid-relief dollars that every district received.

At this time, we are anticipating a balanced budget for the 2021-22 school year. We are anticipating an approximate $380,000 increase in total revenue into the district. Again, all of this increased revenue is through Covid money from the federal government passed down to each state. This money is distributed based on our district's Title I formula. The money has nothing to do with masking, virtual instruction, or any other mitigation efforts districts might or might not put into place. All districts in Wisconsin are eligible for these dollars. Our total projected revenue for the year is $6,997,708.55.

We are anticipating total expenses this year of $6,997,708.55. This is an expected increase of $404,000 in expenses over last year. Those increased expenses are a result of increased operational costs, including an increase in staffing, and other operational items such as transportation, maintenance, and technology.

Our district enrollment is down slightly from last year. Last year's Membership FTE was 441, with this year's Membership coming in at 436. One of our district goals this year is to work on how we can mitigate declining enrollment in our district and attract new students and families to North Crawford.

For additional details regarding our district budget, please feel free to access our Annual Meeting and Budget Hearing booklet online at

District Projects

The district undertook several capital projects over the summer and early fall to continue bringing our building up to date. First, we replaced the exterior doors to our courtyard area. We're proud to say that we have now replaced all of the exterior doors in the school building within the past 5 years. These new doors will bring additional security and energy efficiency to our building.

Our cafeteria has gone through some cosmetic renovations this summer, including new paint on the walls, as well as new decals and signage. This surely has made our cafeteria a visually appealing place to eat breakfast and lunch. Additionally, we will be working on replacing some of our appliances and equipment in the kitchen throughout this school year.

Finally, after having conversations over the last decade, we were able to resurface our track and field event areas to a synthetic rubberized surface. More details on this project can be found below.

The district continues to update our Capital Improvement Plan to address areas of need within the district. We look forward to additional capital projects as we move forward the next couple years.

Track and Field Resurfacing Project

After years of discussions at the district level, we were able to to move forward with a project to resurface our track and field event areas with a synthetic rubberized surface. We worked with the contractors from Athletic Surface Construction out of Coon Rapids, MN. The crew was phenomenal to work with, and left us with a beautiful track and field facility that we can be proud of for many years.

The project involved many different phases to completion. First, due to the age of our existing pole vault runway and pit, we were forced to replace it. We worked with Showen Excavating and Doug Heisz to raise the pole vault area, pour a new concrete runway and slab, and slope and reseed the area. Athletic Surface Construction spent a week in the district laying the new rubberized surface on the existing track, long and triple jump runways, new pole vault runway, and high jump surface. Additionally, we worked with Spahn and Rose Lumber Co. out of Prairie du Chien and Nagel Fencing to install a new chain link perimeter fence around the track and field areas. Finally, we are working with BR Bleachers to have a new large set of metal bleachers installed on the home side of the stadium.

These projects were all completed without taking any additional money out of the district budget. The track resurfacing was paid for using federal COVID stimulus dollars and a generous donation from Athletic Surfaces Construction. The new pole vault runway and pit was paid for using money already budgeted in the district maintenance budget. The perimeter fence and bleachers were paid for using Fund 46 dollars, a fund we maintain in the district to use for capital improvement projects.

We're very proud to provide this beautiful facility for our students, staff, and community to use. The track is open for community use for running and walking. We ask that users do not bring any wheeled objects onto the track, and wear appropriate running/walking shoes. Walkers should use the outside three lanes of the track when walking. Please contact Athletic Director Tina Volden in the elementary office for any questions regarding use of the track facility.

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