Ethan Estevez

Tri Beta Biology Honor Society

Ethan Estevez: A Desire to Succeed

Ethan Estevez is a highly motivated, highly dedicated individual with a desire to succeed in all aspects of his life. Although his life has not been without ups and downs, he has committed himself to being the most faithful husband, father, and role model for others in the area in which he lives. In April of 1996, Ethan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This diagnosis drastically changed the way he lived his life, acted in school, and participated in athletic activities. Despite the sudden shock, he was able to take the necessary precautions and steps to keep his ailment under control. He excelled in high school while participating in football, swimming, and lacrosse. He was named All County Defensive End his senior year of high school in the year of 2000. Upon graduating high school later that year, he attended what is now named McDaniel College as a biology major. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology in May of 2005 as a member of the Tri Beta Biology Honor Society and the Dean’s List. He later pursued his Master of Arts degree in teaching from the University of Maryland University College.

Ethan Estevez has strived to create an exceptional life for his wife and children. It is for them that he was able to go back to school to earn a Master of Arts degree in Teaching in January of 2012 to December of 2013. He attended the University of Maryland University College while maintaining a teaching career instructing students in the subject of biology. Not only was Ethan Estevez able to hold a prestigious teaching position and attend classes to receive his Master of Arts degree, but he was also able to do it while maintaining a 3.8 grade point average. This high grade level also awarded him automatic membership to the Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society.

Ethan Estevez’ Academic Achievements

Ethan Estevez is someone who has always known how to stick to his studies. He has kept his focus strong throughout all of his schooling, allowing for little distraction and certainly nothing that would directly interfere with his studies. When he graduated from high school and enrolled in a four year university, his opportunity to show his enthusiasm for academia had been amplified. He now had the chance to shine truly in an arena where the only obvious similarity he shared with his classmates was his thirst for knowledge.

At McDaniel College in Westminster Maryland, he did exactly that. As Biology major he was enthusiastic in the lab and focused in his study groups. He was a pleasure to teach for his instructors and a leader in the classroom for his peers. He was an active member of the Tri Beta Biology Honors Society, a group of elite scholars who have over 670 chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico.

That wasn’t the only academic achievement tied directly to his grades. He was also a repeated Dean’s List student throughout both his undergraduate studies as well as his postgraduate work.

After graduating, he entered the workforce for nearly eight years before going back into full-time academia. For his Master’s degree, he went to the University of Maryland and earned himself a teaching license so he can one day help to spark the passion for learning in young minds that he once displayed, and still has deep down inside.

Ethan Estevez’ Interest in Biology

Ethan Estevez had an early interest in biology that reflected through his enthusiasm for the class in high school. Upon graduating he enrolled at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

In college he shone as an exemplary student who worked hard and got the results that he wanted. With a high GPA he was inducted into the Tri Beta Honors Society, a group designated towards achievement in the discipline of biology. The group has over 670 chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico, making them one of the biggest biology honors societies in the nation.

Ethan’s love for biology goes much beyond simply what he studied. He was very enthusiastic in the lab, often tackling each lab with determination and awe at the results. His curiosity and wonder for the functions of plant and animal cells drove him to be a pleasure to teach, which he often benefitted from by getting extra information from the instructor.

Outside of the classroom, he applied his sense of humor to the use of many of the biology jargon in normal conversation, however for him it was also an effective way to practice for his exams while socializing at the same time.

Ethan Estevez graduated from McDaniel College in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a grade point average of 3.8. And in 2013, he received his Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Maryland and is now pursuing a job in education.

Ethan Estevez’ Career in Football

As an athletic personality his whole life, Ethan Estevez has always embraced sports, but none as much as football. The first time he saw the sport on television he was immediately fascinated with the rugged and exciting nature of the sport.

He started playing little league as soon as he could and progressed rapidly. He was a good defender who could read plays and become a serious nuisance to his opponents. He grew a reputation within the league as a solid competitor and was exciting to watch. He was playing in middle school when his doctor had diagnosed him with type 1 diabetes, a disease that would scare many people out of being involved in already such a dangerous sport. But Ethan Estevez persisted, and the outcome not only did more for his physical health, but he also continued to progress in the sport. In his senior year, when he was planning for his varsity team he was nominated “All-County Defensive End”, a title he took with great pride. He had done the unthinkable and faced such a tough disease with the courage and strength to make more of his life than many do anyways.

After he stopped playing competitively, he immediately went on to referee football games as a means of staying on the gridiron without being bound by a rigorous training schedule. He liked the job so much he continued it for seven years, and learned to empathize with the frustrated players when he made tough calls, because he used to be on the receiving end of them.

Ethan Estevez: Studying Biology

Ethan Estevez is a graduate of McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Biology and became a member of the Tri Beta Biology Honor Society.

The Tri Beta Society, or Beta Beta Beta, is an honor society for students dedicated to improving their understanding of, and appreciation for, biological study. As Ethan Estevez knows, the broad objective of Tri Beta is to extend the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. The Tri Beta Biology Honor Society has its origins in Oklahoma City in 1922. Since its founding, more than two hundred thousand people, most of them students, have been accepted as lifetime members. There are more than 670 chapters of Tri Beta in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Ethan Estevez took to biology much as a fish takes to water. He found that he loved learning all of the terminology associated with biology, and loved to get into the laboratory where he was able to put some of the theories he was learning about to the test. That may have been one of the best things about biology for Ethan Estevez. The lab work re-enforced everything that he was learning. He discovered that by doing things, his newfound knowledge stayed with him a lot longer than simply reading textbooks or listening to lectures.

The study of biology wound up opening many doors for Ethan Estevez. Later in life he received a Master's degree in teaching from the University of Maryland, and he was able to find work as a biology teacher.

Ethan Estevez: Defensive End

Ethan Estevez attended McDaniel College beginning in the fall term of 2001, when it was still known as Western Maryland College. He graduated in the spring of 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. He later attended graduate school at the University of Maryland University College, where he earned a Master of Arts in Teaching.

As a high school student, Ethan Estevez attended Bel Air High School in Hartford County, Maryland. These were great years for him: he got good grades and was active in school sports, in particular football, which is one of his great passions.

In his senior year, Ethan Estevez was named to All-County defensive end. Defensive End is a position that requires strength, speed, and agility. They line up on the outside edge of the defensive line, and on running plays, move forward a few steps and try to stop the running back from getting outside of them. If that happens then it's up to the cornerbacks and safeties to chase him down. Instead, the defensive end either goes for a tackle, or tries to funnel the runner inside to the big crowd of linemen, where he is almost certain to be stopped quickly.

On passing plays, it's up to the defensive end to get to the quarterback as fast as he can. Ethan Estevez loved rushing the quarterback and, if he could, force a fumble. As it was he would do whatever he could to try to break up the pass, either by swatting the ball from the quarterback's hands or blocking the pass if he could.

Ethan Estevez was honored to be named an All-County defensive end in Hartford County.

Ethan Estevez: Master of Arts

Ethan Estevez graduated from McDaniel College in 2005 with a degree in biology. He spent several years in the workforce in a variety of positions, expanding his skill set beyond just that of his degree.

In 2012, Ethan Estevez returned to school and began the coursework necessary to receive his graduate degree in teaching. He entered the graduate program at the University of Maryland University College in January of that year. The Master of Arts in Teaching program there was a good fit for him. It was designed for students interested in obtaining secondary teacher certification. As Ethan Estevez knows, jobs in education can be considered a growth industry; they are projected to grow by some twenty four percent over the next six years. The education services industry constitutes some twenty percent of all job opportunities for people who have earned their Master of Arts degrees.

So for Ethan Estevez, enrolling in the program was a smart move. Successfully completing the program made him eligible for recommendation for certification to teach in the state of Maryland, in subject areas including earth and space science, physics, English, math, history, social studies, the computer sciences, and foreign languages like Spanish or French.

The focus of the program at the University of Maryland, as Ethan Estevez knows, was on producing capable teachers who can inspire students to learn and can teach a range of subjects to a diverse body of students. Ethan Estevez completed the program and received his Master of Arts degree in December of 2013.

An Avid Reader

Ethan Estevez is a graduate of McDaniel College and the University of Maryland, where he earned a Master's degree in Teaching in December of 2013. He has always been an excellent student and maintained a high grade point average through school.

Throughout his life, Ethan Estevez has always been a reader. He loves to read and almost always has at least one book that he is plowing through. He has always wondered why some people don't seem to get it: why they don't want to read as voraciously as he does. There is an incredibly vast world of books out there, he says, and information that is just there for the taking.

Just because he has completed his formal education doesn't mean that he has stopped learning. Ethan Estevez believes that education is a lifelong process, and the primary means of keeping it going is by reading widely. He tries to make those friends of his who don't read as much as he does, understand that reading a lot fills his head with information – not always useful information, but information nevertheless. And anyway, as Ethan Estevez knows, you never know when something that feels like superfluous information will be useful, after all.

Reading a lot is always a great way of boosting your vocabulary, as Ethan Estevez knows all too well. Reading has helped him express himself more eloquently, and to better organize his thoughts. When time permits, Ethan Estevez has been able to read several books a week. And as he has learned over the years, consuming everything from classic literature to the sports page of the daily paper has made him a more interesting and knowledgeable person.

Ethan Estevez Loves to Read

Ethan Estevez has been successful throughout all of his schooling. His good grades in high school enabled him to attend McDaniel College, where he graduated with a high grade point average and earned the credentials to seek his Master’s degree at the University of Maryland. He was quite successful there as well, and earned his MA in Teaching on time and with a 3.8 GPA.

If it weren’t for his passion for reading, Ethan Estevez very well might have been as successful throughout his academic career. He has been an avid reader his whole life, and is very not in the middle of reading a book. He realizes that many people do not share the same passion for reading these days as he does, and he finds that to be a shame. The Internet has spoiled our love for reading by making everything abbreviated and concise rather than poetic or descriptive. To Ethan Estevez, the information highway isn’t the internet; it’s still the library. The books haven’t disappeared over the years; it’s just that people no longer make the space to carry them.

For Ethan, life in itself is a never ending learning process. There are situations we can read into every day that will give us insight into the lives and perspectives of others. Reading books is simply an amplification of that experience, and is delivered in a way that helps increase vocabulary and sense of imagination. That is why despite all of our technological advances; Ethan Estevez still prefers the classic bind.

Ethan Estevez - Excelling in All Aspects of Life

Ethan Estevez is a deeply dedicated individual driving toward success to better his own life and the life of his family. He has worked hard ever since his mind developed the ability to comprehend the greater future; his educational pursuits, as well as his later professional pursuits, have all been met with the utmost success. No matter the circumstance, Ethan has been dedicated to excel in every endeavor he sees fit to engage.

He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the month of April in 1996, just as he was beginning his high school career. Although it was difficult to comprehend at the time, he didn’t let his diagnosis stop him from achieving success in the sports of football, swimming, and lacrosse. During the year 2000, his senior year of high school, he was named All County Defensive End for an outstanding career and season as a high school football player. Not only was he able to work hard and achieve success in various sporting events, but he was also able to maintain a grade point average that was high enough to attend the now named McDaniel College in the fall of 2001.

Ethan Estevez has excelled in all aspects of his educational and professional career. In both his graduate and undergraduate educational pursuits, he was a member of prestigious honor groups where membership is only granted if the student’s grades are worthy enough to merit entry. At the University of Maryland University College, Ethan Estevez was able to achieve his Master of Arts degree in Teaching while maintaining a grade point average of 3.8, which allowed him to become a member of the Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society. During his undergraduate degree at McDaniel College, he graduated with a grade point average good enough to make the Dean’s List and become a member of the Tri Beta Biology Honor Society.

Ethan Estevez - Paradigm Engineering and Work History

Ethan Estevez is an extremely successful individual who has worked hard through out his entire life, professional and personal. His motivation to work hard and succeed is derived from his love for his wife and family. He wants nothing more than to provide for the people he cares most about in his life, his wife and children. It is for that reason he continues to strive to make his life better not only for himself, but for the people that count on him the most. Ethan understands how tough life can be for people, and he understands how even more difficult it can be to rise above the negativity that can often swallow people whole. In April of 1996, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This diagnosis came a critical time in his life, just about to begin high school and develop into an outstanding student and athlete. Not only was he able to rise above the disadvantage he had been dealt, but he excelled at football, lacrosse and swimming, while maintaining a good enough grade point average to attend a notable collegiate biology program. He attended McDaniel College in the fall of 2001.

Ethan Estevez has also been dedicated to the betterment of his future through hard work and determination. He began working during his first year of college as an Assistant Manager of Hillendale Country Club Pool from 2001 to 2003. He was later the Assistant Manager of Hunt Valley Country Club Pool in the year of 2004. Ethan Estevez worked to put himself through college and better provide for his future out of his educational career. After graduating from college and earning his undergraduate degree in biology, he was hired by Paradigm Engineering in 2005 as a Compliance specialist. The company was an environmental engineering firm based in Lewisville, Texas specializing in erosion and sediment control.