Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 7.13.18

Welcome Back!

Hello Team!

I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of summer vacation. We are doing our best to plan a meaningful and fun welcome back meeting. So, get those batteries re-charged and be aware of the following:

1. Please send pictures of the fun things that you did this summer as well as letting me know of any special events that took place over the summer such as engagements, births, milestones, etc.

2. Our first week back looks like this...

Wednesday, July 18th -- Curriculum Meetings (we are waiting for the final locations and I will let you know as soon as possible). At 11:30 AM, please arrive back at ELM. We will provide lunch (chicken and cheese enchiladas) and start our school PD at 12:15. We will be done at 3:30.

Thursday, July 19th -- Equity Symposium at Olympian High School. Please let me know if you will be using bus transportation as it will pick up at ELM and return you back to ELM. You have the afternoon to work on your classrooms, school material and department meetings.

Friday, July 20th -- Your day. You have the day to work on your classrooms, school material and department meetings. Please note that this will be a busy day as we host our first WEB Orientation. Classrooms might be used for about an hour around 9:00 for some WEB activities. You can still work in your classroom all day.

And for the first day...

Monday, July 23rd -- Please wear your new purple polos to school this day and show up at the front of the school by 7:50 to welcome our new students with a spirit tunnel. You will be released back at 8:05. You will have a designated TSP for locator cards. Please be outside your doors to assist students.

The school will be open this week and next week as well if you would like to get a jump start.

3. Eastlake Education Foundation Grant. Please preview this grant form to apply for additional funds for your department and classroom. Please keep in mind that we may now be eligible to use the funds for professional development opportunities and innovative practices. Due by July 23rd. The focus should be on your department.

4. Budget. Good news, challenging news. We will have Eduabroad here the second week of school. About 40 students will be joining us. We will spread the students around. The challenge is that it will be for two weeks. I will be talking to the teachers affected once we load our students into the master schedule. We will then use all of this money as soon as possible for an increase in department budgets. Also, I met with the PTSO and they are working on a great fundraiser to help secure opportunities for additional funding for PD, resources and other needs. I also met with the Eastlake Education Foundation and $20,000 will be released to our schools for grants that should focus on department needs, leadership training, and additional PD or resources. I will speak more of the budget at our opening meeting. We are looking good in terms of having a healthy budget for our departments and school. I will be using some resources to purchase food for meetings as well as shirts, lanyards and other school spirit items.

5. The campus will close at 3:00 PM on Monday, June 16th for pest control purposes.

I will be sending out another reminder this Friday with updated material including procedural items and master schedule notes. See you soon Tritons!


We need you!

Please fill out this google form if you interested in supervision or leadership opportunities. This list includes such things as lunch supervision, 1/6th, intramural sports and FAC/SLT membership.

New Logo

Phasing In Process

We have new logos to share with the school in conjunction with our mission statement. We want to start a branding process and start utilizing the new logos for your school-related items. Here is one!
Big picture

Curriculum Training



*Please bring a charged electronic device.

*Report at 8:00 AM and then head back to ELM by 11:30 (We start at 12:15)

*Water will be available. Bring coffee and snacks.

*Librarians and Counselors stay on site.

English Language Arts

Eastlake Middle School

All ELA Teachers

Math and Social Science

Otay Ranch High School

All Math & Soc. Science Teachers


San Ysidro High School

All Science Teachers


Hilltop High School

All PE Teachers

Special Education

Eastlake High School

Moderate & Moderate/Severe Teachers

Moderate & Moderate Severe Transition Teachers

School Psychologist and Speech Pathologist


Chula Vista High School

All VAPA Teachers

World Language

Hilltop High School

All World Language Teachers



All CTE Teachers


Required Course and Dates

1. Evaluations - We will hold a meeting for those who will be on the evaluation cycle this year.

2. Mandated Reporter -- MUST BE DONE BY August 24, 2018. The district will send you a link. We will complete this on August 10th during a specialized PLC.

3. Preventing Sexual Harassment -- MUST BE DONE BY August 24, 2018. The district will send you a link. We will complete this on August 10th during a specialized PLC.

3. Preventing Sexual Misconduct -- MUST BE DONE BY December 21, 2018. We will do this during the October PD.

Coffee Club!

We will have a Keurig machine (thanks Dean and Shannon!) placed in the staff lounge for use. We would like to suggest the creation of a coffee club and purchase K-cups each month. We need to get a sense of how many people would be interested in contributing $5-$10 a month for a wide variety of coffee and tea. The money would also cover coffee creamer (both dairy and non-dairy). We can make better use of the money if we buy in bulk. This would be an honor system. Please fill out this google form. Let us know if you have a preference for creamer or simply mark both.