Feedback on Preliminary Task

The audience that watched our documentary commented on the interviewee being by the window, this can affect the lighting as it can reflect making the shot darker. Ideally the location in which we filmed in should be appropriate to the mise-en-scene, such as filming in a phone shop. Also, the interviewee is looking directly at the camera and facing the wrong side of the frame. The music that is used in the background is too loud, this makes the persons speech appear very quiet as well as they don’t have a microphone on, this again alters the clearness of the speech. Another thing to improve is that there are no captions when somebody is speaking, the captions are meant to have the person’s name and their profession on it. The audience feedback also highlighted that jump cuts are used on the same person; jump cuts should only be used when jumping from one person to another. This emphasises that the cut away should be another person, not the same person consecutively. The archive material we have decided to use in our documentary is relevant, however to make sure the audience know why we used the material and why we decided to put it there, a voice over should be used to make sure that the audience understand why we used the archive material, and why it is relevant to our documentary. Finally, the audience also commented on how the music in the background should fade out at the end of the clip not stop all of a sudden.