Nuevas Fronteras and Crestview Elementary Schools

Staff Update: December 20th


  • Leah Wieseler is, apparently, a life-saver. THANK YOU to Leah for possessing and sharing this amazing gift with your colleagues!
  • Muchas Gracias to Ryan Johnson, for leading us all in a little holiday singing this morning, to everyone who joined us in song, and to Krys Blue for suggesting it! It was fun!
  • Thank you also to our lunchroom staff: Vicky, Deb, Shelley, and Julie for taking care of our students during the middle portion of our day. They are outside in the cold and snow and making things work even when we're short staffed- way to go!
  • Felicidades to the NFSI Kindergarteners, who successfully hunted down the gingerbread man this morning!
  • Sincere appreciation to the NFSI PSTO for filling our lives with sweets and treats!
  • Congrats to Reid Tschumperlin and Elizabeth Sampson for a fabulous Inventors' Fair, and to Montse Recarte-Pacheco and Lupita Crisp for a wonderful science fair!
  • Happy Birthday to Mark Haesly (12/26)!

UPDATED! Revised Recess and Lunch Schedule

Beginning Thursday, January 2nd, (when we return from break) we will be implementing our new lunch and recess schedule, with recess before lunch. As part of this new schedule, classroom teachers are also required to join their classes in the cafeteria to supervise them for the last 10 minutes of their lunch time.

The schedule (below) has been drafted and revised numerous times- and we hope to have it now in a 'final-draft' phase- although it is still open for input and feedback. We are all excited about the benefits to our kids of putting recess first! If you would like to know more about the thinking and research behind RBL (Recess-Before-Lunch), check out the great information on the Peaceful Playgrounds website.

1st Week back at a Glance:

2nd GRADE has morning and afternoon supervision/bus duty on January 2nd/3rd, and 1st GRADE the week of the 6th... Thank you!!!

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