Electrical Engineering

What I need to do, why I want to be an Electrical Engineer

Educational Info.

The branch of science it is in is Physical because it deals with the structure of objects. The Education Path is electrical, electronics, communications engineering. Helpful classes in college that would help with this would be calculus, physics statistics, probability. Helpful high school classes would be calculus, chemistry, physics statistics, probability. Training School and College is Milwaukee School Of Engineering, Milwaukee (WI), average SAT is 600 to 699, average ACT is 24 to 29. I chose this school because its close to my family. Another reason would be that this school mainly deals with engineering so most professors could easily answer any questions I have if not all. The setting of this school is urban. The school is private. Its a University. The college is a four year school. The student to faculty ratio is 14:1. The average class size is 20 people. Academics is GPA 3.52, ACT 24 - 29, SAT 500 - 699.

Real World Info.

About the job, electrical engineers work about 40 hours a week, electrical engineers usually work in offices or labs. The factors that affect employment is it won't be that hard to find an employer because this job is currently high in demand. The salary is entry for WI $51,460 for national $54,030, median for WI $74,840 for national $84,540, experienced for WI $106,470 for national $128,610. Employer could be Foth and Van Duke, Green Bay. So in a total summary of pros and cons, pros would be I would be doing something I enjoy, I would work near my family, cons would be maybe late working hours.


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