Born to Be Wild

Is it worth it having exotic pets?

What Do the Numbers Say?

Real life Stories

One day Ohio passed a law saying that exotic pets are legal.Because of that law one day an owner of 50 exotic pets let them have terrifying freedom before the animals were being shot to death.This owner did this before he committed suicide this man also had a history of neglecting his pets.Sadly that day out of all 50 animals Ohio was only able to capture one bear,two monkeys,and three leopards alive. In Saylorsburg,Pennsylvania a woman had been keeping a black bear for nine years.Sadly when she went to go feed and clean a cage of a 350lb black bear Sunday night the exotic pet turned on her and unfortunately attacked her.Another incident happened in San Antonio,Texas July 14, 2007 Jeff Tierney a zookeeper was knocked down and dragged by a 244 pound tiger he was also bitten several times by this creature but gladly the tiger stopped for a moment and he was able to grab his pepper spray and repel it. This could have happened to any owner with the same kind of exotic animal.

Dangers to Exotic pets and Dangers for the people

These exotic animals are threatening to the public and are a health hazard.Plus an average owner cannot provide the needs for an exotic pet. These pets are really dangerous to humans even if the owners spend time with these exotic animals like the woman who had an exotic animal for nine years than got attacked by an animal she thought she knew.

Impact on the environment and what the experts say

Some owners find it difficult to keep and take care of exotic pets and sometimes just let them out in the wild and they could freak out in this environment or find their way out of the wild and cause dangerous problems in town. Jeff Nesbitt,wrote a story on North Carolina and the exotic pets.He said that this state is out of 9 without a statewide ban or permit system for exotic pets.