Protests & Riots

Kris E.


What happens when people feel they have been wronged? What happens when they feel something is injustice or unfair? Some may leave it be, believing there is nothing they can do, while others choose to do something about it; protest. Protests can take many different forms from individual statements to mass demonstrations. These demonstrations are mostly peaceful, but what happens when they don't get change? These peaceful protests can turn into violent riots. There have been many protests & riots throughout the years but 2 recent ones include the protests in Ferguson & Baltimore.
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Ferguson protests & riots broke out in early August, 2014 after an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown was shot by then police officer, Darren Wilson, on August 9th. The officer's response to the shooting was that Brown had reached for his gun. After a several month trial, the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson for any charges.

On August 10th memorials began peacefully but some crowd members became violent & started a riot. This riot led to businesses being looted & some gas stations to be set on fire which caused nearly 40 arrests. On August 12th hundred protesters in Ferguson seeking the prosecution of Wilson. Protesters carried signs & many held their hands up while shouting "don't shoot!"

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One of the most recent riots was in Baltimore, Maryland over the death of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody on April 19. Gray fell into a coma while being transported as a result of injuries to his neck & spine. On May 1, his death was ruled as homicide & charges were set against the 6 officers involved in the incident. Peaceful protests started shortly after his death, but they eventually became violent. On April 28 riots began & nearly 20 officers were injured. Shortly after the riots began, a state of emergency was declared in Baltimore.

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In addition to the protests in Baltimore & Ferguson, there have been recent protests on legalizing gay marriages & religious incidents in the Middle East.