Welcome New York

by: Michael Sullo

New York

Hi, my name is Hollis Woods, I will be here to inform you on the state of New York. Some people say that New York is not a nice place to live or that it is dirty and disgusting. That might be true for some places in New York. New York city could be dirty and you might come across some people that are not so nice, but that's life! I wouldn't say that it is not nice to live there because it is, there are lots of nice people and lots of sights to see. One sight that is especially nice is the statue of liberty. It was a gift from France a while ago, it is a lady with a torch in her hand showing freedom. Upstate New York is the northern part of New York and is really nice filled with woods and lakes. There is no city's or garbage it is really nice up there. There is one mountain that I lived near once and my friend Steven and I used to run up and down. It was so fun and really nice.

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Sports Teams

Sports are a big thing in New York especially in the city. Some teams that I would recommend liking the baseball team the Yankees, or The New York Rangers, the hockey team. Those are two sports teams that are very well known. Where I came from (up-state) in New York it was nice and peaceful, barely any traffic. Some sports teams by me were the Buffalo Sabres hockey team, and the football team Buffalo Bills. Thats some advice for sports teams.
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Running Away Tips

  1. Make Money
  2. Find Transportation
  3. Find A Place To Go Where The Person Your Running Away From Cant Find You
  4. Stay Away From The Agency