The Direction Concert

join Anna for her 14th birthday at a the direction concert

Morning Merories

Wednesday, July 23rd, 6:45pm

707 Pavilion Blvd

Charlotte, NC

Join Anna for her 14th birthday party at a The Direction concert!!! Meet the boys Marcel, Leroy, Veronica, Harvey, Jonny. Listen to their hit songs like Thats what makes you so ugly, sleeping all night, gotta hate you, story of my death, and best song never.

What to do, where to go

Annas house: 4:30
Meet and greet: 5:30
Eat:5:35- Anytime
***we leave to the concert at 6:20***
Concert: 6:45
Get home: 10:20


We will provide you with your tickets when you get here. Your ticket will include a fan package which is a Meet and greet pass, and one direction tee shirt and autographed CD and picture, and your Ticket for front row seats. We will give you money for food and drinks. You are required to bring your own money if you would like to purchase an additional souvenir. (about $30 extra)

with hit song like

  • Best song never
  • Story of my death
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Morning Memories
  • You and Veronica
  • Forget where you belong
  • Weak
  • Depressingly
  • Yesterday
  • Big Pink Dress
  • In the light
  • Something horrible
  • Little purple truths
  • Worse than words
  • Why don't we stay here
  • Yes he knows
  • Dead
  • whole heart