Coyote Chronicle

February 2019 Edition

Leader of The Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for February 2019. This month the character trait exemplified by these students was patience.

Join us in celebrating:

5th Grade

Diego Tovila-Perona, Thalia Walker, Gabby Landy

6th Grade

Chris Keiser, Anthony Bartling, Haley Engelhardt, Any Mejia Galeano, Santos Castaneda

7th Grade

Gigi Torres, Aaron Banta, Tyler Thomas, Andrew Whyee

8th Grade

Alberto Rodriguez, Dylan Day, Madison Plummer

Special Area

Emalyn Christopher

Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics

The students of Mullica Township made donations to vote for the faculty member of their choice to participate in the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics in Seaside Heights. On Saturday February 23rd, Mrs. Rendfery, Mrs. Rheault, Mr. Walker, Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Redeker and Mrs. Lynn plunged into the 37⁰ Atlantic Ocean.

-Mrs. Lynn

Read Across America Week

Mrs. Lynn stopped by numerous classes this week to read Dr. Seuss classics. The students in Mr. Hannel's class especially enjoyed a reading of the rare story "The Butter Battle Book."

-Mrs. Sheldon

Spelling Bee Finals

The Mullica Township Spelling Bee Finals were held during the PBIS pep rally on February 22nd. 5th grader Michelle Hayes, 6th grader Liam Cohen, and 8th graders Matthew Best and Lorenzo Fortunato competed as the finalists. In the end, Matthew Best was the Spelling Bee winner, and moves on to the county finals in Vineland. Well done to all of those who competed, and congratulations, Matthew!! Good luck!

-Mrs. Sheldon

Top Chef Jr. Wellness Night

Our annual Top Chef Junior Competition was a huge success. Congratulations to Lydia Vogel , our 1st place healthy lunch box winner. The night focused on the importance of overall healthy living. We are so proud of all of our participants.

-Mrs. Tomasello

Conaway's Coyotes

Miss Conaway's 8th graders have enjoyed reading A Midsummer Night's Dream in their Drama Circles. Our students are really getting into their characters - voices and all!

-Miss Conaway

Scaling Projects

As students learned about what scaling is, we talked about the real-world use behind it! We started by creating a 4 x 4 grid with each block being one inch. We then took those images and scaled them to make them MUCH larger. Most images went from 1 inch blocks to 1 FOOT blocks!

-Mr. Apalucci

Weather Science in 6th Grade!

Mr. McLaughlin's 6th grade science class researches and analyses weather data between Trenton and Atlantic City. Students concentrated on whether the weather was affected by the Atlantic Ocean throughout the year.

-Mr. McLaughlin

Multiplying with Baseball

Mr. Richards' sixth grade math class was making the most of the early dismissal class by practicing multiplication facts using three or four factors. By using the Baseball Multiplication game, students are practicing essential multiplication facts in a fun, interactive way.

-Mr. Richards

Zookeepers of room 91

We are the Reptile Keepers of room 91. Our charges include 3 Leopard Geckos: Lilo, Morgan Freeman and Geeta (we had another big female Ila who is injured and recuperating at my house). We hope to add a tortoise in the near future. The pets get fresh water and food every day at our lunch (we volunteer our recess time), and we play with them to keep them happy and socialized. They eat mealworms every day, and once a week, we clear out all the “furniture” in their habitats and allow them to hunt crickets. Most of us have pets of our own at home, or hope to have some soon, but we are all dedicated to the care and adoration of all things “lizard”.

-Mr. Irwin

Girls Bball attends NGWSD Event

Members of the Mullica Twp Girls basketball team participated in the 2019 National Women and Girls in Sports Day at Stockton University. The girls were treated to fun games and activities, a snack and then were invited to watch the Stockton Women's Basketball team play a game. It was a great day to celebrate our amazing ladies!!

-Mr. Curll

Literary Love Letters

In this Valentine's Day activity, 8th graders crafted love (or the lack thereof) letters between characters in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Students selected two characters and wrote a "valentine" from one to the other, capturing the dynamics between the two. In addition, students included song lyrics they felt connected to the characters' situation, further revealing their understanding of the text.

-Mrs. Vanderheyden

Ukuleles in Music Class

7th grade students are making great progress learning to play the ukuleles. Students have learned 4 chords and starting to play pop songs. The song they learned recently is “Some Nights” by F.U.N.

-Miss Ocheske

Use Your Brain!

In Language Arts, 7th grade students are reading informational articles about brain development. Students labeled and colored a diagram of the brain. They used their knowledge from the articles we read in class to define key vocabulary terms, label the lobes of the brain, and describe the functions of each part of the brain.

-Miss Donio

Sharing Some Love with a topping of Mindfulness!

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Mrs. Manzer, Mrs. Massaro and their a.m. ELA Students take some time to together to share some lemonade and cookies in the mugs they designed.W had a great time to relaxing, talking , and appreciating EACH OTHER!

-Mrs. Manzer and Mrs. Massaro

Cooperative Games in physical education class!

During the month of February, physical education classes did a variety of cooperative games and team building activities. Pictured is the game called "Islands" where teams have to cross the "Atlantic Ocean" without falling off their islands. Problem solving and strategic thinking are a must to succeed! Also shown is "Mat Transport." Again, the students must think creatively in order to deliver their team across the gym floor without falling off the mat!

-Mr. Newhall and Mr. Fackler

Read Across America

Officer Trivelli visited the students in Room 46. We all had fun reading and discussing Dr. Seuss's "The Nose Book". The students truly enjoyed this experience. By popular demand from our students Officer Trivelli will be reading to our students regularly.

-Mrs. Coughlin and Mr. Paul Torres

Valentine’s Day Cards

Mrs. Coughlin’s students used artistic skill and creativity to design their own personal Valentine’s Day cards. They were thrilled to have an opportunity to let those they care about know how much they love them!

-Mrs. Coughlin

Mark Your Calendar

  • 3/7 - 2nd Grade Fitness Night

  • 3/8 - PTA Designer Bag Bingo

  • 3/12, 3/13, 3/14 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • 3/15 - End of Trimester 2

  • 3/15 - Early Dismissal - Staff Development

  • 3/18 - Trimester 3 begins

  • 3/20 - PTA Meeting

  • 3/22 - Report Cards Distributed

  • 4/17 - Mullica Township Board of Education Meeting

  • 4/19 - 4/28 - Spring Break

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