The Mesopotamia lives

Myracle Kay Clinton

The beggening of the of the life

Agricultural is how my people lived in Mesopotamia and if i lived there i would see people way way way back before coined money.And my people and i would be in bands.And the bands would have up to 12 people in the bands.People in the bands would be doing different things while the men would be hunting for food while the women would be making clothing and baskets and other things they needed to survive in the nature

As time went on some of the other people made bands and did the some things my people we started trading things that we needed Like Water,Food ,Sheep ,Cow ,And clothing and other things my family needed to survive .Sometimes i go into town and look for merchants and see if they want to trade anything of mines and see if i see anything that i want and of theirs and then if we got a deal then we trade.If the trade was useless then i would go back and try to get my product back for that merchant and go to another merchant and see if they want what i an offering .

After the trading the Lydians invented coined money and that is what is what my people used and the other people that was in bands are now trading anyway now since we have coined now we can buy what we need in steed of trading the things we for another thing we need and some of the prices we use are like$3 gold coins and if it is priceless the price would be $ 15 silver coins and if they don't have that much i will let them set the price and that was how they lived

The Personal interview of Caleb Wall

Myracle ;Where do you live

Caleb; North Babylonia and a farmer that plants beans,potatoes ,and corn.Live with wife Mrs.Wall and 2 kids Jason and Jaden

Myracle;What do you do when you're not farming

Caleb; sleep in my hay bed

Myracle; is farming your only job

Cable Yes his wife is an inventer

Myracle ;What did she invent

Caleb ;A chaireats

Myracle;How old are your kids

Caleb 7 years and 10 years

Myracle; Are you going to have anymore kids


How My people Did the weather

Sometimes when we were in the bands we would have glaciers which was a long period of time and we could hunt some of my people died because they had a cold of a disease and we did not have the med for them and so they died and we coiuld not do any thing.