Denmark National Anthem!

Does it represent their country well?

A little about it!

The author of this great anthem is named Adam Oehlenshlager. He wrote this in the year 1819 and was widely appreciated throughout the country. Many people thought it represented their country and them as people. The anthem was written to symbolize the country of Denmark.

Denmark Itself

Tuesday, April 21st, 9pm


Denmark is like the little brother of Germany. They are a country who fought for their freedom from Germany, as far as famous things there, not many. There are not many tourist who will say "oh hey, lets go to Denmark"! Although the Kingdom Of Denmark, is seen as one of the great kingdom's in Europe.

About the Poem

There is a slight rhyme scheme seen in the poem, and repetition at the end of every stanza, and as far as figurative language goes, not much. It is a very simple yet vivid poem. It speaks a lot of how Denmark became.