April 2014 Wynwood Art Walk

Angels and Fragillity

Featured Artists

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille is a French artist living and working in Miami. She draws her inspiration from a reflection on the fragility of the human being and his culture.

‘’Fragility appears to me as an energy, an engine which propels the human being and generates the movement, as life is nothing but movement.’’

This Fragility is the ultimate paradox that can both build and destroy, the fold that needs to unfold which awakens knowledge to acquire achievement. This Newtonian energy is never definitive or permanent but rather in a constant state of renewal, revival and revision. This movement of energy represent a succession of moments. ‘’Time has only one reality, that one of the moment.’’ G. Bechelard.

Following that trend, each of her peaces could be called ‘’a passage’’ or ‘’a snapshot’’ and all vulnerability contained in those words. In her work, lines, colors, rocks, architecture or silhouettes of humans are spectators witnessing the fugacité of each present moment in which lurks the projection of the future.’


“I just needed to paint,” said Peter Kaspar. “During the mid-90's in Slovakia, the cool thing was graffiti art and street art became an easy way to express myself and my passion without needing money.” Peter was born and raised in Slovakia, a country that was once a part of the Czech Republic until 1993 when it became an independent nation. As he entered his teenage years, Peter too started to express and develop his own independence. Without any formal education in Music and Art, Peter is a self-taught success. In 1998, he began creating and producing for well-known music artists and TV shows. In no time, Peter was getting noticed and soon after became known throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as the famous “DJ Kappa.” His passion for art has never faded. His abstract paintings are not only a way of expressing himself, but encouraging others to express themselves too. In his own words, they are “a way for people to use their imaginations, look at my paintings and create their own stories from what they see.” With the New Year came newer, bigger dreams. In February 2013, Peter decided to move to America, where he feels, “Art is more appreciated and expressing myself is much easier.” You can find him these days at his art studio painting on canvas the inspiration he gets through the everyday life that surrounds him at his new home in Miami.

The Hangar Gallery Huge Art Sale

Saturday, April 12th, 6-11pm

2235 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL