Genius Hour Project

Bringing Technology into a Social Studies Classroom

Is it Beneficial?

YES. Over the course of my project, I have talked to numerous teachers that have seen a positive impact from adding the use of technology. Mrs. Farrar, a teacher I interviewed, has specifically seen scores rise since she implemented more technology in her classroom.

What Technology Benefits Social Studies Classes?

  • Kahoot- This fun tool is awesome for reviewing material before tests. Set up like game show, questions are placed on the board and the students can put their answer in on their devices. The one who answers the fastest with the correct answer gets the most points. Students are really engaged due to the thrill of a game and competition. At the end of the review, you get to see which student received the most points.
  • Dipity- This website is a great tool specifically for the social studies classroom. It allows you to create your own digital timeline. This gets the students involved in the stages of history, you can add photos and be creative with the timeline website in order to allow students to engage in their own style.
  • NearPod App- This App is awesome for creating discussion within the classroom. It allows the teacher to ask questions where they can get instant feedback. The lesson becomes interactive when using the NearPod app. It allows the teacher to see that the students are paying attention and involved in processing the new information.
  • Aurasma- This tool allows history to come to life. You can draw an image out and it creates that image. You can add music and voice clips which can lead to the ability to recreate a battle or an important speech.

How Can I Find More On This Topic?

  • Twitter! I recommend following/reaching out to @andrewc_castle and @Edufacey as a start. They are both so wonderful and passionate about this topic. Also, searching #sschat #edtech and #StudentEngagement are also really helpful in finding new tools.
  • Pinterest: There are many pins on what the best apps to use are and different ways to connect technology with Social Studies!
  • Any teachers you know! I was so shocked at how many of my high school teachers are starting to find new ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. They have become so passionate about this topic.
  • If you are a current teacher, find conferences! One teacher I interviewed has been the past three years and says she takes something new and applicable away every year.