Senior English Syllabus

Mrs. Haughaboo's Class 2014-15

Make the most of your final year at Austin High School!

This class will introduce you to works of British Literature from the days of the Anglo-Saxons up to the present. In the first nine weeks, we will focus on Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature and read Beowulf and excerpts from The Canterbury Tales. During the second nine weeks we will read Sir Gawain and The Green Knight and Macbeth. Our study of literature will be partnered with writing and vocabulary units.

Some of the authors we will study this year:

Every Wednesday is MAKE-UP Day!

If you are absent, please make arrangements to make up your missed assignments immediately. I will have a sign up sheet for you to let me know you are coming. I can only do Wednesdays before or after school so please plan accordingly.

Classroom supplies you will need:

  • Pens (blue and/or black ink ONLY)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Highlighters (optional, but recommended)
  • Textbook(s)
  • Parallel reading book (if we are reading a novel or play)
  • Three-ring binder with dividers and plenty of loose-leaf paper
  • Flash drive or ability to use Google Drive


Semester Grade Breakdown

· First Nine Weeks 40%

· Second Nine Weeks 40%

· Semester Exam 20%

Grading Information

You will assume the responsibility of tracking your own grades. Please make arrangements to record your grades and keep graded assignments in case of any discrepancies. Encourage your parents to sign up for iNow, so they can check your grades online.


In addition the the district wide rules...

In addition to the school and system rules found in your student handbook and code of conduct:

  • Class begins when the bell rings. Students are required to be in their desks with all necessary materials and ready to start working when the bell rings. Have all homework assignments ready to turn in.
  • Late homework is unacceptable. Only students with an official excused absence will be allowed to “make-up” any work. (Late=after I have collected the papers for the day) See the attendance policy in the student code of conduct for specifics.
  • Follow directions carefully. Following each step of an assignment sometimes takes patience because it seems like the long way to do it. In this class you will learn the skills to effectively take on bigger projects than the ones we will do in here—those big projects make the small steps really important. Writing the correct heading on your papers, reading silently when required, and participating in group activities (even when you do not really feel like it) are all examples of following this rule.
  • Treat the teacher, other students, and the classroom with respect. Be quiet and listen carefully when a teacher or other student has “the floor.” We will have many opportunities for you to share your ideas in class, but it requires a certain amount of maturity and the ability to listen respectfully to the opinions of others—even when you disagree. It also means taking care of the classroom: pick up trash around your desk and straightening it before you leave the room.
  • Listen silently when the announcements come on. The announcements provide important information for students participating in clubs and sports AND they also can provide emergency information for fire drills, tornado drills, etc. When they come on, please stop what you are doing, get quiet, and listen.
  • Remain in your desk at the end of the period until you are dismissed.
  • You only have six bathroom passes per semester. Please take the time to use the bathroom between classes. These passes are for emergencies only. At the end of the semester, you will receive two bonus points for each unused pass (up to 12 bonus points).
  • You must sit in the assigned area during lunch. Failure to do so will result in a write-up.