The Leader Legacy

By Kyla Adams

The class play

I am done writing a script for a play. The play is called "Athena the Wise". It is about the history of Athena's weird birth. Me and the cast all hope you will enjoy this wonderful little play. Please comment to the actors and actresses. You may also want to talk to my co-director on how great of a job she did to help the play once you see it. If you would like to congratulate the actors and actresses they are Dominick,Janiay,and me. Hannah is my co-director please congratulate these wonderful people that help bring my dream to life.

The Mix

4 best friends

The Mix is our class choir group. I will provide you with a look at the members and I have e-mailed a video to Mrs.Oprandy. They are hopeful that you will like it. Rebecca is part of it but I don't have a picture of her.
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Art column

This month's winner is me because no one submitted art. This is a drawing of Artemis goddess of the hunt and moon.

Sports Column

Sadly my sports writer has not given me any info. I think I might need a new one.

Never Give Up

This was just something extra. I asked Mrs. Chenier how the 4th graders did, she said we did excellent. We need to keep it up! Let's reach black belt. YEAH!