In the city of Astrid, all men and women at the age of 17 are assigned a job. They are required and expected to work and contribute to the growth and development of the city.

How You Get Your Job

At the beginning of the 9th level of school, educators pick the students career based on grades and their personality. Once the students are informed of their future jobs, they will learn, study and prepare until their 11th level of school.

Types of Jobs

There are many types of jobs in Astrid. Some jobs are more important than others. Educators, officers and healers are some of the most important jobs in the society. These citizens help maintain a controlled peaceful,safe and healthy society. Other jobs include carpenters, operators, trainers and culinarians. All jobs vital and essential to maintain the everyday order of a day.

Work Hours

Jobs are Monday through Friday and only a few have to work on the weekends. Work hours vary depending on your job in the society. For instance, certain jobs such as healers and carpenters will have longer hours due to their need in the society. For the most part, most jobs will consist of 8 to 9 hour work days. An hour mid day break is allowed for lunch. Most citizens use the monorail as their method of transportation from home to work and back. Being on time at your job is of the most importance and being late is unacceptable and frowned upon . There are strict rules against it and in certain cases a punishment, such as a fee or more services toward the society are issued. Not attending your designated job is not tolerated and a cause for jail time.