Vin Diesel

By: Kylee Newell

Early Life

Vin Diesel was born on july 18,1967 mark vincent in NYC. vin and his twin brother paul were raised by their mother delora and stepfather Irving H Vincent. Their real/biological father left before they were born. when he got older he went to hunter college to study english but he dropped out to start him movie carrier

Film Career

Vin wrote, produced,and directed the film was accepted and screened at the prestigeous cannes film festival in 1995. vin got the attention. Director steven spielberg, then started working on his world war 2 saving private ryan (1998). he started fast and furious (2009) fast five (2011) and fast and furious 6 (2013)
the next movie in the series however was messed up by a sad car accident. Vin's best friend and co-star Paul Walker died in a bad car accident before filming was finshed

Positive or Negitive affect?

i think my person i researched (Vin Diesel) had a positive affect because he made people happy by making all the fast and furious movies. I think he is a good person. because since his bestfriend paul walker died so he wont make any more movies without him


  • what effect did he/she have on the world: (not dead) he didnt leave yet but he has a great effect because he makes movies and every body loves them and him
  • why did you choose he or she i chose him becaues he is a great actor and he named his daughter after paul walker
  • what makes him special is that him and his bestfriend (paul walker) were true friends
  • some adjectives i would describe him with are funny, cool ,and nice