Forms Of Energy

Ethan F. and Cayden

Chemical Energy and Electricity

This Information tells people that energy is in many places and is useful. Some information is that when you eat food your body breaks down the nutrients and releases the energy. Another fact is that all the chemical energy in food that we eat comes from plants.

Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, and Sound.

We are going to teach you how the information about how kinetic energy, potential energy, and sound work. Some information is that potential energy is energy that objects have because of where they are located. Some more information is that potential energy changes into kinetic energy (the energy of motion) when it is falling.

Light and Heat

This information describes what light and heat is. Some facts are that plants use light energy to make food. Another fact is that heat is energy that moves from a hot object to a cooler object.



The ability to do work.

Chemical Energy

Stored energy in the chemicals of matter.

Fossil Fuels

coal, oil, and natural gas form the remains of dead plants and animals.

Potential Energy

Is the energy something has because of were it is located.

Kinetic Energy

Is the moving energy that moving energy that moving objects have.


bounces off an object.


Describes how high or low something is.


Energy that moves from a hot object to cool objects.