Think of the possibilities......

I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities. W.G.

Amy's Influence

Amy Mayer was our keynote speaker at this year's Teaching Technology Day. She was amazing. I have received permission from her to share a bit of the content that she shared with us that day. I absolutely love this quote from her, "When you are 10 years behind and 50 years old, there is not enough time for incremental change."

Remember Where Many of Your Students Live

I believe that technology is an essential tool that plays very important role in education today. With each generation, technology is introduced earlier and earlier. Our world is changing so quickly, we can no longer be "the keepers/givers of the knowledge." We can all google the "facts" and the "how to." I came across a quote in an article the other day that really made sense to me: "Education is not the transmission of information or ideas. Education is the training needed to make use of information and ideas. "(Pamela Hieronymi professor of philosophy at the University of California at Los Angeles )

Google Apps Domain!!!

After months of hard work - nagging, nagging, research, nagging - we have our own SISD Google Apps Domain!! Here's what that means to you.....

Tuesday-Two-A-Day and Lunch Detention Forms

Cool App

I came across this app, three ring, the other day while trying to clean up my email. (Needless to say, didn't get back to my email for quite a while!!) Several suggestions stood out to me from this website.


To quickly prepare for this years' classes in Edmodo, archive your 2011/2012 classes. One way to do this is to go to the class to be archived, click on group settings along the right side of the page. Click on "archive group." When archiving, the new group name will have to be different from the archived group. Adding the year to the group name would be one way to do this.


grok (v): to understand thoroughly and intuitively

instaGrok is a fun and effective way of researching that includes journaling, pinning, and research history.