By Sarahlane Penninger

What is wellness?

Wellness is optimal health with a balance in physical,mental and social health.

Examples of physical wellness


*Physical activity

*Health screenings and examinations

Examples of spiritual wellness

*Believe in a higher authority

*Practice religious beliefs

*Values, ethics, and morals give meaning to life

Examples of social wellness




*Interaction with others


Examples of mental wellness

*Continue lifelong learning

*Learn from life experiences

*Use creativity to solve problems

Examples of emotional wellness

*Adjust to life changes

*Be optimistic

*Cope with stress

*Enjoy life

Stress management method

Avoid stress

*Stay out of drama

*Avoid hot button topic

*Healthy foods

Alter stress

*Be assertive



Accept stress

*Move on

*Share feelings


Adapt to stress

*See the bigger picture

*Adjust standards