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Humbled Hearts

Welcome Judy!!!!

Yay! We are so glad to have you as a new Thirty-One sister! I cannot wait until we get a chance to meet each other. I am your Director. I will be working closely with you to help get you trained and get you started strong in your business. As you get started you will probably have a ton of questions, so please write them down as they pop in your head and we will discuss them when we chat. I will plan on calling you this week to see what kinds of questions you may have and to help you get started. When is the best time to catch you? Are you more of a phone, text, FB or email girl??? Please find me on Facebook I am under Bambi Brown Flores. :)

Start Swell Incentive

Thirty-One offers you a great incentive to Start Swell! They reward you with FREE products and business supplies for your first 120 days that you are with the company. Check it out on TOT! It's the BEST way to build a great business and helps you be super successful!!!
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Bambi Flores

Independent Director
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