Influences of Food Choices

Ayana Perez

Physical Needs

Food is needed to maintain vital functions. Needed to provide energy for muscle movement. We need water in our system always because its half of our body fluid. Without our physical needs we can not maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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Psychological Needs

It affects the way you think and feel about foods will influence what foods you choose. Odors as well as events create memories that affect food choices.
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Personal Food Preference

If we personally choose the food we prefer sometimes the outcome could lead to the worst or the best. Depending on how you choose to eat will affect you. Some people eat very healthy, some in between & some not at all which is not goof for your body.

Food Availability

Food availability is a measure of supply of food that is able for you to have. Depending on how you choice to eat will determine how you take that supply. i think its good and will help you maintain your body.

Social Settings

Social settings set a huge impact on our food choices because we tend to see something then crave it or automatically want it. Social settings play a role in taking people off their diets. Some impact us well to eat healthier.

Society & Culture

One factor that affects food habits is culture. Each culture that is part of U.S society contributes unique customs and beliefs of the nation. Sometimes we may feel peer pressure to eat something out friends are eating.