John Breen's Incredible Invention

Background is a genius idea pioneered by a computer engineer named John Breen. He wanted to help his son study for the SAT's, so he created a website in that asked questions and gave a reward for getting the correct answers. Then, when John realized how useful this idea was, he got the help of businesses and started to spread the word in order to spread the website. The way it works is that you select your level and class, then it asks you questions based on what you chose. (ie. math grade 1 would be something like 3+3 or 10-2). But, he sells ad space on the website, so when you get a correct answer the World Food Programme buys 10 grains of rice with the ad money, and they donate the rice wherever it's needed.


John Breen and Warren Buffett have some differences and some similarities. One main similarity is how neither person gives up easily. John Breen had many problems with his idea. He had to figure out how to get people to advertise, then take that money and buy rice with it. I was a tough technical challenge. Similarly, Warren Buffett started investing at age 11, but didn't start getting good money until almost 25. He was really committed to his cause. But cause is the one thing that really sets them apart. While Buffett wanted to make money from the start, Breen always wanted to donate and be philanthropic.