ECPS Weekly News

February 7, 2014

Energy and persistence conquer all things ~ Benjamin Franklin

We made it through a whole week! Be prepared for a "snowy" mess on Monday. Sheila has some fun winter activities lined up for gym time that involve getting a little messy. She welcomes all classes to participate and will have a crew of helpers with her from EKLC. By the way, I did send out an announcement to parents of our South students to be prepared with clothes that can get messy.

I finally remembered what was left off the agenda today - I have a template for all to use when sending home communications from staff. You can find the document at on the O Drive through the following path: O:ecps/main folder/forms/2013-2014/COMMUNICATION NOTES 2.7.14 template. Be sure to copy this template for your personal use. Angie has hard copies of this page in the office if you need to hand write your note. Before you send a memo/note/letter out, please have it approved by me (or if I'm not available, either Mary or Allyson). I will have Angie email a copy of the template to Project Choice teachers.

As Jeanette reminded us today, don't forget to finalize your TS Gold data for February 14. We have more slots available on Monday, so make sure you have your students in and up to date for baseline data.

Thank you, Marcia, for reminding us about the fitness DVDs. I know I have a Tae Bo video that is looking for a home. Bring all DVDs to room 14.

Just a reminder: you have until 6:30 am to enter your absence in order to get in the system to request a sub. After 6:30 you will need to contact Angie at 591-4873.

Coming soon

February 10 - Winter Fun in the gym

February 13 - Yoga with Marcia at 3:15

February 14 - TS Gold checkpoint - student data due

February 14 - Valentine's Day and NO SCHOOL

February 17 - NO SCHOOL

February 18-21 - Early On Focus Monitoring, Room 11