Ozark Counseling Center

Springfield Missouri

Our Mission

We at the Ozark Counseling Center believe in fresh starts, and that's exactly what we provide to those who want our help. We take people of numerous ages and sizes. We provide quality mental health assistance to men, women, and children of Greene County.

Our History

Ozarks Counseling Center originally formed in Springfield, Missouri in 1952 and was called the Greene County Child Guidance Clinic. It was the first child guidance clinic in the area and was established to treat emotional and behavioral problems of children. A few years later, the clinic began treating the parents of the children. By the 1960’s it became known as the Greene County Guidance clinic and began serving all adults and children in need of mental health services

Our staff

Our staff consist of numerous assistants and volunteer work, however we do have doctors to provide the treatment and work with the patients. Besides that all of our staff is based off of volunteer work. Our head doctor has been awarded his MBA, MS, and LPC.