Visionary Leadership

Brian and Cole

What we selected and why

We selected visionary leadership because we both know someone that uses that strategy in their career.

What is visionary leadership?

Visionary leadership refers to leaders who have a powerful and friendly effect on the fate of people or state and are ruled in their actions by the inspiration of different ranks that guide people.

Theories it belongs to?

  1. Behavioral
  2. Influential

History behind it

The idea of visionary leadership was never invented by anyone, it was just what people in the past used and eventually it was given a name and is now used by people everywhere. Some people that used it are Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs.

Advantage and Disadvantage

1) Disadvantage

a) Training is brief and only covers background information rather than what visionary leadership really is.


a)Strong visionary leadership training program will educate leaders about visionary leadership and provide leaders with specific tasks to learn that can be applied to specific leadership situations.

What it looks like in practice

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