April Showers Bring May Love

Anna Benner PD 2

About Me!!!

Hey to all the guys out there, my name is Rose. I am a female dolphin. I am Single and ready to mingle!!!! I love other people and company, I like to stay in large groups. Why me? Well you know how so many people have to wait for their eggs to hatch, well with me you don't. I have live birth so you get to see you're beautiful baby sooner. Also I breathe air so I can jump through the surface of the water and get some air and be back down quicker than you can say spaghetti!

What I am looking for!

I am looking for another dolphin(sorry orcas). Again someone who also loves company and who is also VERY strong and can provide for the family. I also have 1 request, we will jump through the surface of the water together and see the beautiful Sky and the Sun.