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The Mini & More


  • $125 Family or Individual Mini Session Indoor session with lighting is $175

  • On Location Sessions Prices begin at $350 and depend on travel.

  • Full Family Sessions Bring your fur babies. They are family, too!

  • Modeling $350 ^

  • Acting $350 ^

  • Real Estate Photography $75 to start. Based on travel/square footage.

  • Business Head-shots $80

  • Pet Photography Varies

  • Commissioned Fine Art Varies

  • Self-Exploration Session An on location collaboration $350 ^

  • Boudoir $500

  • Bridal Boudoir/Bridal Session $500

  • Engagement $350 ^

  • Maternity $350 ^

  • Event Photography Varies

  • Product Photography Varies

  • Editorial Varies

  • Weddings Please read the entry at the bottom of this page

**The Mini is a 45 minute to one hour photo shoot, performed outdoors here at my home, against a natural background. Clients receive 10-12 fully-edited images available for download via DropBox upon completion.

Sundays & Photoshop

I am available to shoot on most days of the week, but with the realization that everyone is at work during that time, I understand that weekends are usually best. I'm available during these hours to accommodate you. Yes, Sundays, too!

Concerning Photoshop: I do not proof. Photoshop is a natural part of my process, and all of your images will be adjusted. I'll correct for color and density, do some light retouching, then I'll make artistic choices for style. If you have additional requests, i.e. extra retouching, nip/tuck, image-manipulation --prices may vary, depending on your needs.


About Weddings

To the Bride and Groom First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! Let's talk. I would like to take a second to explain my position on weddings. Thank you in advance for reading!

Here goes: I am not a 'traditional' wedding photographer, so-to-speak. My style is artistic, free-spirited, candid, unique, and very creative. If you're looking for standard group photos against manicured backgrounds, I may, or may not, be the person you're seeking. Yes. I will arrange family, and shoot the necessities --those are a must. There WILL be group shots of immediate family, yet on the same token, the bulk of your images will be candid, arty, and eye-catching. I have covered many weddings on my own as a solitary photographer, yet am happiest as a second-shooter. A second shooter is free to capture moments that you may not have even been aware of. When I shoot, I work hard to provide both. I'm there photographing expressions, and I'm there in those rare moments, where the wind catches a veil and lifts it into the air. Moments where unexpected hilarity ensues, and priceless pictures are the result. Moments of strong emotion between all people. The real moments that make up your day.

The Process: My job begins the minute you hire me. Once booked, I will visit all locations. Where the ceremony will be held, where the reception will take place, and what might be in between. I do this for scouting purposes. I like surprises, but not on your wedding day. At least not trouble-bubble surprises.I am looking for, and documenting creative/interesting photo opportunities. A great example of this: Behind the Vintage House in Fraser, did you know that there is an old, dilapidated, barn with weathered wood, and a view of the skyline? Yes! Along both sides of the pebbled path leading to that barn, I was excited to discover tall, and lush plant life, which provided gorgeous, natural backgrounds offering fantastic images (one is above (or below if you're here via your phone). Matt is laughing with his bride, and best friend, Lisa. What could be greater?)

I do not use backdrops or flashes except for receptions in dark halls, where I bounce a soft, diffused flash off of the ceiling in an effort to avoid that artificial "smile! cheese!" look, yet provide enough light so that everyone can been seen. My hope is to pull as much magic as possible. To create a body of work worth showing off. Images that, arranged properly, could be a book, with the best of the best gracing the walls of your home. I want you to say "Wow.. these are all we hoped for and more." --as every photographer should. It's your wedding day!

So: If you are an open-minded, couple, and are looking for candidness, photojournalism, and something different, then let's discuss. I love an outdoor wedding in an interesting place. Or a unique, wedding where creative freedoms are welcomed. When I do shoot a wedding, my process is to capture not only the intimacy of your union as a newly married couple, but also that behind-the-scenes, no one is looking, essence. The little, things that make up this journey we call -Life. The beginning of yours, together. I collect that greatness -the greatness which you so mindfully, planned, and in post-processing I enhance it all into something unforgettable. This is my very favorite part of being an artist! This is why I do what I do.

After Your Day: As mentioned, I fully edit the best in set, then share your images via Dropbox ( I send you a link to an online folder with your finished set so that you can just download them to your own computer. As far as post-processing goes, I do not charge by the hour, or separately, for Photoshop. You might notice that most photographers do (I've seen up to $150 per hour for this service) I prefer to build that into my rate. My goal is to keep things affordable, and fair. Your wedding day is extremely important, and I am only one person. Post-production (editing) is a big part of what makes my work, well, my work! Because of this, I do not proof. Raw images and/or proofs will never be made available. I actually delete as I reject images that are not to my standard -which is quite high. My message here, in quite a few words (sorry!) is that I'm an artist, and photography is my medium. You will not see the proverbial unfinished, painting. Finished images, only. Thanks again for reading my little e-book here, and for your understanding!


Well Look at You..

Elegant, brave, and so much fun! This session is either for your eyes only, or for the eyes of your special someone. I have relationships with more than one very talented makeup artist, and can easily wrap their services into your rate. I'll even help you create a book! This session is $500 without makeup.

Sorry, guys. This one is for women, only. I do not shoot "dudeoir" . Thanks for understanding.

Lovely Macros

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Coming soon to marketplaces both on and offline: Oh-so-pretty pieces of nature. Print sizes range from mouse to elephant, and explore a variety of surfaces.

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