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Digital Teaching and Learning @PCHS │ January 17, 2017

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e-Hallpass is an electronic hall pass system that allows us to continually monitor our students whenever they leave our classrooms. No more writing out passes on scraps of paper or Post-It notes. "Pin" students out of class from their iPads, their phones, your iPad or your desktop. Use your normal classroom policies regarding when a student can leave the room; students may generate a pass, but it's your decision if they can leave. When it's appropriate for them to leave, they generate the pass, you pin or approve it. Their pass changes color depending on its state: waiting, approved, or complete. The visual is great! Is the student just going to the bathroom or getting a drink? Have them leave their device on the chalk rail, on your desk, or somewhere else visible - you know they're still out while it's sitting there.

Visit this link for additional information and a pass creation video.

Did you miss our trainings during the January PD time? We have mini-workshops scheduled during lunches Wednesday and Thursday this week and next for those of you who missed that mandatory training. Watch your email for workshop locations.