Brayli's Bucket List

#1- Float In the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located in between Jordan and Israel. Physical Erosion is the erosion that is happening here. I think the water is is breaking down the rocks and sand on the shores. The water is so salty that you can float right on top of the water without any help. I think I would see many people in the position that this lady is in. I would love to go here with my whole family cause this is a family friendly place to spend time with them.
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#2- Play Beach Volleyball On Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach, California is located on the west coast of the United States. The type of weathering that occurs here is physical weathering. Waves in the water is breaking down the sand more and more everyday. I would see lots of really good volleyball players here & learn to play better for myself. I would play volleyball with my friend Zoe Peterek here because she is a good volleyball player and i need a good blocker and hitter while we play.
2013 Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Highlights

#3- Go Kayaking

I want to kayak in Glacier Bay, Alaska. The type of physical weathering that is happening there is caused by water, wind, & glaciers that are breaking down the cliffs edges. The views are beautiful and there is nothing like it! I would go here with my whole family because it would be a great experience and I would want to remember it with them.
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#4- Explore Deer Cave – Borneo, Malaysia

Deer Cave is located in Borneo, Malaysia which is a country in Southeast Asia. The type of weathering that is occurring here is chemical weathering that breaks down the rocks surface with chemicals that takes a very long time to day. I think i would see many cool things that i would never have seen before if i was just in a normal cave. I would go exploring in this cave with my brother & dad because this activity is boyish.
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#5- Bungee Jumping

The cliff that i would want to jump off of is on the Colorado River Bridge in Costa Rica. The type of erosion that is occurring here is physical weathering caused by wind & water. I would probably see many people scared to jump and many gorgeous views from the bridge. I would take my brother to go bungee jumping with me because he loves to jump off of things like his bed to dunk the basketball hoop over his door.
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