4th Grade Newsletter

October 26-30th

Welcome back!

We hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing fall break! We were excited to see your kiddos yesterday and are excited to get back in the swing of things!

We need your help!

PSE is having a fall festival November 7th. There will be a silent auction of gift baskets. 4th grade is responsible for creating an "Italian Dinner Night" basket. We need your help to collect items!

Possible items include: olive oil, different types of pastas, pasta sauces, Italian bread, Parmesan cheese, decorative glasses, gift cards to Italian eateries, a large serving bowl to use as our basket.

We need items no later than November 4th so that they can be prepared for the silent auction. Thanks in advance for your help!



We will go to Mulberry Orchard next Thursday, November 5th!!!

Your child should: wear comfy shoes, that are okay to get dirty, and dress code attire. They will probably need a light jacket.

Lunches: If you signed up to send your child a lunch from home please don't forget to do so.

What's going on in the classroom?


We have been working very hard on multiplication. Students have learned various ways to multiply and have been solving story problems! This week we will continue with multiplication, and move into 2-digit by 2-digit problems (for example, 14 x 17).

If your child is struggling with their math facts please help them practice at home. Flash cards are a great resource, as well as http://www.oswego.org/oscd-web/games/Mathmagician/mathsmulti.html


Before fall break we completed our first unit, on traditional literature. This week we begin our non-fiction unit. For review this week we are looking at text features (titles, headings, graphs, maps, etc.) and how non-fiction texts are structured.

At home: ask your child what types of text features they see around the house. Could be on cereal boxes, magazines, newspapers, etc.


This week we are wrapping up our unit on plant and animal adaptations. We will review all this week and then will take our test on Friday.

Fall Fun Run!