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December 2021

Columbia Elementary School

Developing Confident, Competent and Compassionate People.

Principal's Message

Dear Columbia Families,

Happy December! By now you have had an opportunity to participate in a Parent-Teacher Conference. I hope you have a perspective of your child’s learning and we are able to cultivate your partnership with the teacher.

Most of you have an idea how our school is doing based on what you learned at the Parent-Teacher Conference. In this newsletter, I will provide some of our school wide data regarding our students’ academic and social emotional levels at the start of the year.

Panorama Results. During the month of October, our district conducted a perception survey of students, parents, and staff regarding social-emotional well-being. Here are the fall results from our students and parents’ perceptions.

We are pleased with the results so far and will work to increase our students' perceptions in all areas, particularly emotion regulation and self-efficacy. Our Parent Survey is very positive overall. An area of opportunity is with Cultural Awareness and Action. Thank you for participating in our survey.

Our next Panorama survey will be in second trimester.

I-Ready results. This year, Columbia teachers have embraced a new assessment and self-paced program titled I-Ready. We are excited about this program because it is aligned with Common Core State Standards, assesses a student’s performance level, prescribes interventions and next steps, and provides practice lessons at the student’s level. We will assess students with I-Ready three times this year.

There are five domains for which students are assessed. If a student falls below grade level in one domain, they will receive an overall score of below grade level. This is good for teachers, because it pinpoints the exact domains for which we should target our interventions. In reading the graphs green indicates at or above grade level, yellow indicates one year bellow grade level and red indicates two or more years below grade level.

Here are the Fall Math I-Ready Assessment results.

Here are the Fall Reading I-Ready Assessment results.

The next administration of I-Ready is January 24th through February 18th. In the meantime, our school staff will work together to plan interventions for academics and social emotional well-being.

Thank you for your partnership with your most precious children.

Wendy Eidbo, EdD

Message from Dean of Students

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive approach that our school uses to improve our school safety and promote positive behavior. We believe in behavior expectations to be explicitly taught and reinforced with positive actions. Common area and classroom expectations are posted throughout the school and students receive explicit instruction and positive reinforcement throughout the school year. At all times, staff and students are expected to: BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE RESPECTFUL. We also recognize students for their positive behaviors using Cougar Cards, Cougars CARE awards, Class Dojo, Bloomz, Token economy and treasure boxes.

How can you help from home?
When families are involved, children do better in school.

· Ask your child about his/her day at school.

· Celebrate cougar cards at home.

· Use Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful language at home.

· Use positive wording. (For example: Walk vs. Don’t run, Use inside voice vs. Stop yelling, Do this vs No don’t do that).

Thank you for all that you do for our student(s). Happy Holidays!

Sunah J. Lee, M.A.T, M.Ed

Mark Your Calendars!

Dec 3: LIT Dismissal (2:10 PM)

Dec 10: LIT Dismissal (2:10 PM)

Dec 13: School Board Mtg. (6:00 PM)

Dec 17: Early Dismissal (12:55 PM)

Dec 20-31: Winter Break (No School)

Mukilteo School District Calendar 2021-22 (Click here)

Office Clouse for the Holidays

School office will be closed from December 20th through January 2nd. and will open again at 8:00 AM on Monday, January 3rd.

We hope you will enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

Happy holidays!

Holiday Attendance Reminder

This holiday season, the best gift you can give your child is a good education. And the best place to get an education is in school. It's tempting to extend your vacation by a few days, but remember, those days count as absences.

If a travel must occur while school is in session, it must be prearranged. Please fill the Pre-Arranged Absence Form and submitted it 1 week before planned absence. Completion and submission of this form will assure that your child's absence is properly documented.

Fitness and Health Corner

Snacking is absolutely necessary for children. However, we want to make sure they are getting snacks that curb hunger throughout the day, as well as provide energy and important nutrients. Let work together (synergize) to encourage your children to make good choice about snacking; this will lead to them making good choice all the time.

Here are five tips for quick and healthy snacks.

1. Keep junk food out of the house – if they are not available they will not eat them.

2. Go for grain – whole grains provide energy to help get through the day.

3. Mix and match – veggies with a protein or fruit with a dairy. (celery and peanut butter)

4. Broaden the menu – offer up foods they don’t normally eat. (peppers, humus and crackers)

5. Sweeten it up – offer fat-free pudding, Jello, frozen yogurt or frozen fruit bars.

Do not forget to exercise; you should be getting at least 60 minutes of activity every day. Get out there and play, walk the dog, or go for a bike ride.

From the Nurse's Office

During this winter break, it will be a good time to schedule an appointment with your child’s doctor for his/her medical checkup, if you have not already done so. The visits typically include a physical exam, as well as growth monitoring, developmental screening, immunizations, expert guidance, and other screenings based on age.

These checkups can be used for enrollment in daycare centers, schools, Head Start, and sports programs.

Elementary students well child exams are recommended at the following ages:

* 3 years * 4 years * 5 years *6 years * 8 years * 10 years

There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing that your child is thriving and healthy.

Weather Alert

If weather causes the district to delay or cancel school, you will receive a phone message and email from the district. This helps ensure we reach everyone, including those without an email address on file, before students stand outside at a bus stop, and before parents leave for work. If you have a mobile phone number on file with your child’s school, you should also receive a text message.

As usual, it will also be posted on the district website and posted through FlashAlert, which also feeds into mainstream local news feeds.

If your child rides the bus, it’s helpful to know your bus route’s alternative pick-up and drop-off location ahead of time. Find limited bus route information on the transportation website.

You can sign up for FlashAlert notifications at, click on the link and create an account by following this steps:

  • For “region” select Seattle/Western Wash
  • Click on Island and Snohomish County Schools
  • Select Mukilteo School District

Winter Walking – Tips to Remember

Winter is a time when you occasionally have to ditch your favorite stylish boots to make sure you have footwear with proper grip that is designed to provide better traction on icy or wet surfaces.

  • Wear a heavy, bulky coat that will provide cushion should you fall.
  • Wear bright-colored or reflective clothing to ensure drivers can identify you while walking.
  • Always use handrails when walking on stairs or any type of angled surface.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets.
  • Determine the safest path to get to your destination and take it. Do not attempt a short cut to save time.
  • Shuffle your feet and take short steps – it reduces your chances of falling.
  • Walk like a penguin – knees bent slightly, and feet pointed out slightly.
  • Use the wipe off mats at entrances to remove moisture from your shoes.
  • Report potentially hazardous areas/unsafe conditions immediately so action can be taken to correct the issue or keep pedestrians out of the area (i.e., slick areas, wet floors, etc.)

Parties, Holidays and Celebrations

Traditions and celebrations are a part of American culture and heritage; they help students understand the seasonal calendar and their place in a larger community. We are sensitive to the diverse cultures of our Columbia community and will seek to include learning about the cultures represented by our students. In the event your child will not participate in school or classroom planned activities, we will provide alternate learning activities in the library.

Sorry, no home-prepared goodies should be served. We need to be able to read ingredient lists on packaging to ensure the safety of students with allergies. Check with your child’s teacher regarding possible food allergies in the classroom. In some cases, no food items are allowed in classrooms; as a result, treats may be served in the lunchroom during lunch time.

  • All baked goods must be store bought and in original wrappers
  • All juices must be canned or bottled and unopened
  • All candy should be individually wrapped
  • Healthy treats are strongly encouraged

Your cooperation is appreciated!

Free Meals for all Students!

Free Meals for all Students!

  • Meals for all students are free of charge regardless of Free/Reduced Status for the 21-22 school year.
    • Please encourage families to complete free/reduced applications, as they do need them to receive other benefits that are available (P-EBT Cards).
  • Hot food will be served.

Elementary December Menu

Mukilteo School District is Hiring!

The district has hired over 350 staff since school began, but we could still use more! We are hiring many positions, including bus drivers, food service workers, substitutes, paraeducators, and more!

Learn more about the jobs and application process and ask questions during a weekly information Zoom meeting - every Thursday, 4 to 5 p.m. The Zoom link is on the district home page and website calendar.

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