A Letter of Thanks from CAST

The end of a year is a time of reflection and of looking forward. I think back to the original “Impossible Dream” of the Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre and to its future and give thanks for both.

Those of us who are privileged to be a part of the revitalization of our town are so happy to see a renaissance of the theatre at CAST. Keeping theatre vital in a community is no easy task. Those of us returning, and those who newly join us owe so much to all who first gave birth to the Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre and to those who kept it going all these many years.

For all responsible for the day-to-day care of the working plant, we thank you. For all who plan, and promote, communicate and manage, we are grateful. The designers, directors, actors, technicians, musicians, artists, and crew have our admiration and gratitude. What serves so critically to keep a theatre vital to our community is a dynamic, motivated and engaged board of directors. We appreciate all that it takes to keep afloat and remain relevant and essential to our community. With the guidance and hard work of our board, we have paid off past tax debts. With the hard work of many builders, painters, cleaners and helpers we have “spruced up” the place a bit. With the talents and dedication of many, we have entertained varying crowds with multiple artistic styles every weekend for four months. We have engaged the talents and the audiences of every age group. And we have embraced the talents of artists from other communities into our own. It has been an amazing time.

We are, of course, most humbly and tremendously beholding to the public; our community.

It is the town of Clearfield who has supported CAST from the very beginning. Individuals and families, businesses and organizations have given in countless ways. Becoming a member of CAST, coming to a show, making a contribution, or a memorial, subscribing to a season, taking out an ad, passing the word to friends and family, taking a class, or teaching one, walking in the doors to say “what can I do to help?” are all ways you, the community of Clearfield, have helped us these past months and we are indeed thankful.

There is still much to do to keep the momentum. CAST still has a mortgage debt and will strive to conquer that in the following few years. We offer a very exciting theatre season of six plays: comedies, mysteries and musicals for the whole family. We have many new activities coming this year, beyond those offered in the past. There are plans for a bright future as we meet the demands and challenges of a dream re-awakened.

Gayle Gearhart,

CAST Artistic Director

Season Ticket Information

Information on our 2016 season and season tickets can be found online at www.ClearfieldArts.org