The Nature of Jade

By Deb Caletti


•Jade- the main girl in the story

•Sebastian- the boy she crushes on

•Dr.Kaninski- Jade’s therapist

•Senora Kingslet- Jade’s teacher

About my story:

•This story takes place in Seattle. Jade lives right across the street from a zoo and much of the story takes place here because it is simply where her heart is.

•Jade is very shy and doesn’t know how to approach Sebastian or even catch him at the zoo at the same time, for that matter. But she already has her heart set on him from sight alone because of their common interest in elephants.

•I thought that the way that Jade cared about elephants and their lives was neat and it was unreal how much time she actually spent with them or watching what they do in their habitats because I love elephants as well.

What's my thoughts?

•I thought the book was okay but it didn’t really catch my attention as much as I would’ve liked. If you’re wanting a laid back romance book then you might be into it but I can’t say it kept me at the edge of my seat.