Leader Review

William H. Frazier -A Leader In Me School- Issue 2

Habit 2-Begin With the End in Mind-have a plan

Frazier students are keeping their eyes on the end of the year goals!

As we pass the 100th day of school, all students look back at the goals they set for personal and academic growth. With help from their teachers, students continue to set short term goals that will help Frazier reach our end of the year goals to increase 1 or 1 1/2 levels in reading, and to show 100% growth in Dreambox math.

Parents you can help your child reach their goals by continuing to encourage daily reading and by having your student log on to Dreambox at home (work is to be done independently).

Teachers are using Habit 2 to guide instruction as well. Grade levels met at the beginning of the year to plan out how they would reach grade level goals by the end of the year. They continue to meet and plan accordingly.