The Revenge of Seven

Pittacus Lore

Book Review

  1. Settings: In a space ship, in New York, In Washington DC, in Florida, and the time is present tense. I would like to go to all of those places because I've never been to any of them except Florida and i did like it there.
  2. The Main Character is a girl called Marina. Marina's friend who's called Eight died because of a traitor named Five. Marina still hasn't forgave Five yet.
  3. The Minor Characters: John, Ella, Six, Nine, Adam, Sam, Sarah, Malcolm,and Adam

Book Review (continued)

4. Characters I liked or disliked: I like John, Adam, Marina, and Nine. I like John because he's sort of like the leader. I like Adam because he an enemy who became good. I liked Marina because she has a new legacy. I liked Nine because he has cool legacies. I dislike Five, Ella, and Sektrakus Ra. I dislike Five because he's a traitor. I dislike Ella because she doesn't do anything. I dislike Sektrakus Ra because he's the leader of the enemy's.