Bloody Ivory


What is Bloody Ivory?

Bloody Ivory is a foundation that protects African elephants. Bloody Ivory helps elephants by raising public awareness of the ivory trade and poaching situation and gives a voice to the silent victims. Bloody Ivory is fundraising to assist some of Africa’s forgotten populations in Burkina Faso (approx 2,000 elephants) and Ethiopia (150-250 elephants).

The organization has been very effective because it has saved over thousands of elephants so far and is building a sanctuary in Ethiopia to help save the elephants.

What is the problem?

The problem is that thousands of elephants are being poached for their ivory. If more action isn’t taken soon there won’t be any left. That could create big problems for the environment in Africa. It is like a cycle everyone in the wild relies on each other. A lot of the trees in the safari will go extinct too. The elephants eat the trees and distributes the seeds from their poop creating more trees.

What are they doing to help?

  • Addressing poaching and getting laws passed and enforced.

  • Working with authorities and closing down national markets in ivory

  • Educate consumers in order to decrease the demand for ivory. A survey in China found that almost 70% of the public thought ivory did not come from dead elephants but that it fell out naturally, like teeth.

How will we help?

We want to help Bloody Ivory because poaching elephants breaks our heart, and it’s a big problem in Africa.What we will do to help is sell pocket tees for $10 at CMSW and donate the profit money to Bloody Ivory. We will send out order forms and see how many we need to make. It costs about $4 to make so we would be donating $6 per T-shirt to Bloody Ivory.


We contacted Bloody Ivory and they replied. They told us in the email that they were building the sanctuary in Ethiopia and helping the forgotten populations.


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