By: Jarod Harris

10 Facts

1~The Heimlich maneuver is used when a person is choking on a foreign object to the extent that he/she cannot breathe

2~Oxygen deprivation from a foreign body airway obstruction can result in permanent brain damage or death in four minutes or less

3~Using the Heimlich maneuver can save a choking victim's life.

4~The Heimlich maneuver is not performed on infants under one year of age

5~Instead, a series of back blows and chest thrusts are used

6~In 1974, Henry Heimlich first described an emergency technique for expelling foreign material blocking the trachea.

7~Vomiting may occur after being treated with the Heimlich maneuver

8~OBESE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS The main difference in performing the Heimlich maneuver on an obese victim is in the placement of the fists

9~Incorrectly applied, the Heimlich maneuver can break bones or damage internal organs

10~To perform the Heimlich maneuver on a conscious child, the rescuer stands or kneels behind the child, who may be seated or standing